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3 People Who Received The Biggest Winnings In The Casino

Learn about players who believed in their luck and made huge winnings gambling in local or online casinos by playing various games ranging from poker to slot machines.

We all dream about winning huge jackpots and poker tournaments, but some folks have archived this, and they have done it in style. Beating casinos at their own turf was always a popular urban legend, and everybody knows a guy who knows a guy who won millions on slots or by playing roulette. Believe it or not, there are many examples of some lucky players being fortunate enough to make some big winnings at the land-based casino. These are ordinary folks just like you and there is nothing special about their play, except their incredible persistence and desire to win some real money. We all dream about it but they did it, so their stories should serve as an inspiration for us to never quit trying or believing in our success.

Amy Nishimura Scoring Big

If there is one thing that will make you succeed when playing slots, it is persistence, but slot players are passionate about their game by default. At least Mrs. Nishimura was when she spent three straight days playing her favorite slots back in 2003, in Las Vegas. This was almost 20 years ago, so the fact that she won almost $9 million bucks is really astonishing, especially because she was 70 years old at the time. She deserved it because gambling was her passion since her twenties, but she never cashed in like this at one lucky night at the Fremont hotel.

As you may notice Mrs. Amy was a little bit old-school when it comes to gambling and she preferred traditional casinos. We can only imagine how much money she would make today via online gambling and online slots. In the era of land-based casinos when online casino sites were still emerging, winning a $9 million jackpot is an extraordinary feat. It is no doubt that Mrs. Amy remains an inspiration to all slots players worldwide to this day. Her story is one about persistence, love for gaming, and well-deserved rewards at the end. 

Elmer Sherwin Double Down

If you ever wondered what were the odds of someone scoring some big winnings at the land-based casino twice in a row, it is close to 1 in a billion, but despite grim odds, it has happened before. When Mr. Sherwin cashed in an almost $5 million jackpot after an unforgettable weekend in Mirage in 1989, he thought that that was the pinnacle of his gambling career. He was wrong as his goddess of fortune smiled again in 2005, in a different casino called Cannery, but with an even bigger amount totaling more than $20 million dollars. What is more amazing is that Mr. Elmer was more than 90 years old at the time, confirming once again that slots are a game of persistence and patience.

Archie Karas Winning Streak 

All those who love professional poker know who Archie the Greek is, a legend in his own right, known from New York to Australia by gambling fans. He is often compared with Doyle Brinson as one of the last representatives of those old-school poker pros. When it comes to real winnings outside online casinos, even online casinos that accept Australian players would envy Archie’s record of an almost $40 million winning spree made in a course of three years. Not surprisingly, he managed to squander all that money even faster but it is an impressive achievement either way. His unusual poker skills are often attributed to his devil may care attitude that makes him a formidable opponent at a poker table. 

When one hears stories like this, he immediately feels the need for gambling, so he can test his luck on slots, poker, or whatever game he prefers. We know that a lot of people got winnings but they rarely total more than a couple hundred bucks, so winning a progressive jackpot would send anyone to early retirement. That is the image in our heads, going away into a sunset to a Caribbean island with millions in our pockets. Now that you know that is possible and that there are folks who pulled it off, don’t give up trying or hoping for some big earnings. Maybe one day, your name will be featured in an article about people who made big winnings in some online casino.


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