Good Customer Service For your business

4 Essential Tips For Taking Your Customer Service To The Next Level

It is common knowledge that today’s marketplaces are highly customer-driven. Modern customers within nearly every industry are spoilt for choice, so companies must fight harder to gain and retain patrons’ business.

Customer service is key to companies’ efforts to impress and retain their customers. Indeed, Hubspot Research reveals that 93% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases with excellent customer service brands. You can always improve your client relations to become more successful. Here’s what you can do to take your customer service to the next level.

  1. Use surveys

Clients are eager to tell companies how they feel about their products and services. However, many of these customers will hold back until they are given great opportunities to share their thoughts with you.

Surveys are the perfect opportunity to discover what your customers are thinking about your business offerings, so consider using them to solicit feedback. Then, you can use this feedback to learn where you need to improve your services to boost client satisfaction. You can make QR code with a direct link to your survey to collect this feedback.

Then, include this QR code on receipts, posters, product packaging, business cards, and any print media so your clients can readily scan it and access the survey.

  1. Offer self-help options

Many modern consumers prefer assisting themselves rather than relying on a customer service representative or process.

Therefore, offer your patrons self-help features so they can resolve their problems by themselves. You can identify the common complaints and questions and address them in step-by-step guides and articles. Then, give customers access to your comprehensive knowledge base or the FAQ section to promote self-help. Having a progressive website app will also help you to effectively meet customer requirements as they browse your site in real-time. Look into a PWA builder to find out more.

  1. Respond to all feedback quickly

Your company will receive feedback through emails, phone calls, blog comments, forums, and social media posts. Some companies are on top of this, ensuring that comments are responded to and acted on if necessary. However, many enterprises neglect this too, so consider responding to all your feedback if you fall within this category.

Twitter is a commonplace to find comments that go unanswered regularly, so you can start from this popular social media platform. This way, you can quickly respond to clients’ comments to prevent your company from getting a bad reputation. Finally, 18% of consumers expect an immediate response to social media complaints or questions, so prioritize fast replies to satisfy your clients.

  1. Prioritize a personal touch

Many experts agree that your company can distinguish itself from the competition by offering a personal touch in a world of automated responses. Consequently, always personalize the interaction to make your customers feel more connected to you. For instance, you can address your customers by name when interacting with them through email, in person, or over the phone.

Research shows that people are delighted when they hear their name, so adopt this friendlier approach to humanize your interactions with clients. Furthermore, prioritize personalized replies or messages instead of generic onboarding sequences. These automated sequences are great for helping users become familiar with your services or product, but you should ditch them early for a more personal approach to connect with your clients quickly.

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