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4 Health Concerns Affecting Over 40s You Need To Seek Medical Assistance For

It’s no secret that your bodies, as they age, aren’t always going to retain that abundance of health you have been used to in your younger years. But more and more people are avoiding visiting healthcare providers for what they perceive to be minor ailments as they get older and simply putting issues down to old age.

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But while this has some truth to it, our bodies do change as we age, but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done. There are many different treatments and products on the market that are aimed at restoring health to optimum levels.

So what concerns should you consult your doctor over as you get older?

Hearing Loss

Some degree of hearing loss is to be expected as we get older. For many people, this is minimal, and they can carry on living their lives without affecting them. However, if you are noticing you are experiencing hearing loss to a level affecting your day to day life, then consulting with an audiologist to discover the root of the cause is recommended. They will discuss the benefits of hearing aids plus what you can do to maintain your hearing in the future.

Poor Eyesight

Once you reach 40, your eyesight will begin to change. Typically people start to struggle to focus on things close to them. This is more likely in people between the ages of 40 and 60. People who already wear glasses will experience changes, as will those with previously 20/20, but as they are used to changing eyesight and wearing glasses, they may not see as drastic a change as those not used to wearing glasses.

However small, if you notice any changes, you should book an appointment as an optician, especially if you are a driver.

Memory Problems

The risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia increases in the over 65s; however, if at any time you find you are struggling with your memory, you should consult with your doctor. In many cases, memory loss is observed by other people. While it might seem small, the small things will add up and paint a picture alluding to memory problems.

Giveaways are;

  • Forgetting the words for common items
  • Difficulting remembering
  • Confusion with times or places
  • Struggling to carry out general day to day tasks
  • Problems reading or writing


As you get older and life changes, it can take some people by surprise. One day you are getting on with your life; the next, you are retiring from work, your family is grown, and you are experiencing a change of pace and lifestyle. It is only natural to have some mixed feelings about this. 

Low moods, loss of appetite, poor sleeping or sleeping too much, fatigue and a general disinterest in things are all indicators of depression. No one is too old to suffer from depression, and facing the issue head-on by; talking to those close to you or your doctor can help you work through depression and get back to the place where you feel more like yourself.


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