4 Inexpensive Ways to Increase Sales in a Small Business

Increasing sales in your small business can help you push forward and expand what you have and increase your service and products. As a small business, chances are you won’t have a huge sum of cash to invest in this and throw at the problem, so you need to get creative with your skills and knowledge to help you increase sales and strive for expansion as an SMB.

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Around 65% of your sales will come from existing customers as it is by far easier to upsell to existing customers than new customers. So focusing on providing an efficient and comprehensive service for your existing clients should be your main priority. If you are doing your job well and meeting their expectations, there is no reason why you can’t identify a gap in their needs and work towards filling it. Discover the 10 Steps To In Home Selling and take tips on how you can upsell effectively without losing customers due to aggressive selling tactics.

Ask for Feedback

Consumers love to know that their opinions are vital and will most definitely be more vocal about what you are doing wrong before acknowledging what you are doing right. So ask outright what feedback they have, and instead, of just paying lip service when they tell you, enact changes in how you and your company react to consumers as a whole and improve the customer experience. After all, if you cannot retain your existing customer base, you can’t; expect to bring new customers on board.

Run Promotions

Promotions for new and existing customers can prove effective in increasing sales within your company. Oftentimes, emailing a discount code after purchase for a percentage off their next order can encourage people to shop with you again. Or how about offering a discount off first purchase for new sign-ups to your emails. If people are in two minds about choosing you over a competitor, it is down to what you can offer them that someone else can’t, and if you offer a discount, this can often be a deal-breaker.

Tailor your promotions to your customers; for example, create a special offer bundle featuring your topmost purchased products or services and also your sector to make for more effective options and benefit from repeat sales via this method.

Improve Your Social Media

Your social media profile contains more information than just your name and contact information. It’s similar to a small website that promotes you and your company. Your profile should clearly state who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and who your products or services are intended for. People should get an immediate sense of who you are and why they should get to know you when they visit your social media profile.

Because each social media platform is unique, so should your profiles. Each should be consistent with your branding while also being appropriate for the platform in question. Because your target audience uses different social media platforms for different reasons, it’s critical to tailor your social media profile to those reasons and the platform.


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