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4 Ways AI Technology Can Combat Road Rage

Most drivers would admit to having succumbed to road rage from time to time, but fortunately artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now helping people keep their cool behind the wheel. Road rage is often caused by stress relating to traffic, getting lost, or being late.

The more advanced features cars have to tackle these issues, the better the driving experience overall. This means the journey is much less stressful resulting in calmer drivers and more tolerance for others on the road. AI technology works by detecting data in real-time and learning from it. There are many ways in which this has revolutionized the auto industry. Here are a few examples. 

Real-time route planners

Thanks to AI technology, route optimization is being revolutionized. This is great for the logistics industry and it also helps to combat road rage in drivers. Often the stress of getting stuck in traffic and having to look for a contingency plan can erupt in road rage. With a real-time route planner, drivers are given the information they need relating to traffic, road conditions, weather, and more. The software itself will then re-plan a more convenient route accordingly. This means there is less pressure on the driver and they can relax and follow the instructions.

Smart sensors

Many of the latest vehicles have built-in smart sensors which are designed to recognize hazards. These sensors alert the driver of dangerous situations such as when someone is in their blindspot or a vehicle is drifting out of the lane, for instance. These allow drivers to react more quickly without getting angry with others on the road. They also help to prevent accidents. If not, road rage could lead to major disputes and the toughest wrongful death attorneys in town being brought in. These types of sensors are only getting smarter and more effective as new models are released.

Predictive traffic signal data

The introduction of Personal Signal Assistant in many cities has helped prevent traffic light frustration. This platform enables drivers to communicate with traffic signals to receive predictive data about when the lights are going to change. The goal of this technology is to maintain a steady flow of traffic and reduce stress in drivers. Waiting behind someone at a green light is motivation enough for most drivers to honk. With Personal Signal Assistant, drivers tend to be less frustrated waiting at traffic lights. 

Driverless cars

There are many milestones met in auto technology in recent years, some relating to climate change and others to artificial intelligence. The famous autonomous Teslas that still have yet to be released on the road represent both. There are several cars available on the market that are partially automated and compatible for full driverless capabilities in the future. At the moment all you can do is watch this space. One thing’s for sure, road rage will be the last thing on your mind while you’re chilling in a driverless car on the way to work watching Netflix, napping, or reading a book.

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