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4 Ways The Medical Industry Has Changed Over The Past Decade

It’s fair to say that the healthcare industry is constantly changing. It’s always to explore the latest changes and developments. By looking at the way the industry is changing, it’s possible to recognize the direction that it could be headed and where we might be ten years from today. 

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More Automation 

Automation is sweeping through the healthcare industry. With automation, it’s possible to improve the service and treatment that patients receive. What does this mean? Well, let’s look at surgery as a starting point. These days, it’s possible for various surgeries to be completed using automated robotic systems. This is actually great because it means that we don’t have to worry about issues with human error which has plagued medicine for years. Automation has also become layered into the doctor-patient interactions. Patients can use touchscreens to check into their appointments. COVID-19 has increased the level of automation that we have witnessed to new levels. 

Increased Personalization 

Healthcare is another industry where customers or rather patients are demanding a higher level of personalization in the services that they use. Companies are endeavoring to provide this in a variety of ways. For instance, experts like Brad Schaeffer are introducing advanced urine toxicology tests. These can be used to check what different substances exist in the patient’s body before medicine is prescribed. This means that the best medicine and medical treatment can be delivered to each individual patient without any issues at all. Of course, there have also been changes to the way that patients treat healthcare. 

Demand For Free Health Care

In the last few years there has been a surge in demand and interest in the concept of free healthcare similar to the systems that countries like England already utilize. Free healthcare is certainly not a new idea but it’s one that has eluded Americans for quite some time. That could soon change though because there are a growing number of politicians who want to free healthcare implemented and it’s not difficult to understand why. Currently, medical bills are one of the main causes of unsustainable levels of debt in the country. With free healthcare, this problem would effectively be eradicated. 

Reduction In Use Of Antibiotics

In the past, if you visited a doctor with the symptoms of something like the flu, they would prescribe you with antibiotics. These days, you’re far less likely to receive antibiotics from doctors unless your condition is quite serious. The reason for this is that doctors are worried about the issue of antibiotic resistance. It’s true to say that we have seen numerous viruses emerge that are resistant to antibiotics, such as the superbugs. Due to this, a lot of doctors are pushing to ensure that the use of antibiotics is significantly reduced. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the ways that the medical industry has changed over the past decade and how it could continue to change several further years down the line. There are lots of exciting possibilities that are still in their infancy like machine learning. 


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