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5 Responsibilities Your Government Has Toward You

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The government has many responsibilities towards its citizens to ensure their well-being and good quality of life. 

First, it is your government’s responsibility to provide you with essential human needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare. Next, they must protect you from unfair treatment in business practices and provide stipulations through the law that levels negotiation terms for all parties involved. They also have a responsibility to prevent actions that might harm you, such as violence or pollution. Finally, they have a responsibility to develop your standard of life by ensuring access to education and employment opportunities to reach your full potential!

Provision of Essential Human Needs

Your government has a responsibility to provide essential human needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare. In addition, the government should regulate the standard of living to be stable for you to live comfortably within an economy with other citizens who have different incomes. 

Preventing Actions That Might Harm You

A government’s duty to protect its citizens is a shared responsibility. In the US, this means that the state must maintain safety and security for all citizens and protect individual rights from infringements by other entities, such as corporations or individuals. 

It becomes quite tricky in the event of injury or damage by your government. However, there are legal avenues to pursue your compensation request or your lawsuit. But it might be quite a laboring process when filing the notice claim to the Federal Tort Claims Act. However, firms like Archuleta Law Firm can help you work on your case till compensation. 

Protection From Unfair Treatment in Business

The government has a responsibility to protect from unfair treatment in business and ensure that the terms of negotiation are level. Protection from one-sided transactions means an assurance that both parties have equal footing and power when entering a deal or contract. 

The purpose of this provision is not only to protect individuals against businesses who may take advantage of them due to unequal negotiating positions but also to prevent those actions which might harm consumers.

Provide Stipulations To Level Negotiation Terms Through the Law

The government must provide stipulations to level negotiation terms between parties. It is done through the law, a set of rules that guide society’s conduct and interactions. A critical example of this might be the regulation about employers hiring employees or determining salaries for those employees. The law should lay out details like how many hours per week they are required to work, minimum wage requirements, and benefits offered with specific guidelines, so there isn’t one person who ends up feeling mistreated during negotiations. 

In other words, if you know your employer must follow all these regulations but still offers low wages and health care, then it’s likely you can negotiate for better wages and benefits.

Development of Your Standard of Life

Your government is responsible for developing your standard of life. For example, many people have been working towards environmental responsibility by sustainably sourcing renewable energy sources rather than relying on fossil fuels that are harming our environment. 


Governmental responsibilities to its people are the most important thing a government can do. It is your responsibility as citizens and voters in democratic societies to hold these governments accountable for their actions on how they carry out their duties. 

Anyone who has been paying attention would know that this isn’t always happening- but it doesn’t stop there. You need to be passionate about what’s happening around you and take action because you have every right to make sure you make your voice heard no matter where you live or your financial situation!


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