60 cats house

60 Cats in a 997 Sq Ft Tampa Home Seized

July 15, 2020

By: Staff Report

TAMPA, Fla. – Hillsborough County Animal Control investigated a complaint on June 19th, that Tampa homeowner Chavonne Jennings, kept an “excessive” amount of cats in her home, “resulting in foul odor and pest infestation,” according to investigators.

60 cats house
Hillsborough County Animal Control seized 60 cats and kittens from this 997-square-foot home in Tampa

A search warrant was issued and investigators found various cats and kittens in the home.

According to investigators, “The cats observed inside the home were suffering from varying ailments, to include hair loss suspect to over-grooming and/or fleas, ocular discharge and redness, and upper respiratory symptoms. Many ailments observed are commonly known to be associated with stress and overcrowding among cats.”

Investigators say that at the time of the welfare check the home was severely infested with German Cockroaches as previously observed outdoors. Cockroaches were observed on every surface throughout the home, in cat food and water bowls, and up and down the walls. Many
surfaces were stained with what appeared to be excretions from the cockroaches, and possibly urine spray from the cats.

Investigators spoke to the estranged husband of Jennings, Everell Forbes, and he stated that Chavonne Jennings has been, “bringing cats into the home for 4-5 years and that the conditions have continually declined. Forbes expressed to investigators that multiple family members of Chavonne Jennings, including her daughter, have expressed concern over the living conditions and wellbeing of the animals, but he does not have access to the interior of the home and pled for assistance.”

Officials from Hillsborough County confirmed Wednesday, that the cats were removed from the home by authorities.

We were unable to reach Jennings for comment.

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