86-Year-Old Pinellas Man Sues Dating Service

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – A popular dating service was recently hit with a lawsuit by an 86-year-old man from South Pasadena. A widower since August 2019, Alexander Sheen filed suit in Pinellas County against Sun Coast Introductions LLC for not responding to his request for a refund based on three physicians’ statements. The statements indicate that due to COVID-19, Sheen should not leave the house except when necessary, as he suffers from high-risk medical illnesses.

On February 3, 2020, Sheen paid $4,995 to be introduced to eight-women during a 12-month period. According to the lawsuit, the contract provided that, “You may also cancel this contract if upon a doctor’s order you cannot physically receive the services.”

There was no specified time limit restricting when such a cancellation would be honored. It’s only added a reference that applied to Sheen’s matter was the written statement, “All sales are final after the three-day cancellation period has passed, except as expressly provided for in this cancellation policy.”

But Sheen’s lawsuit stated his submitted physician notes and request for a refund of $4,995 were ignored.  It also indicates Sheen spent $55,000, apparently with Sun Coast Introductions, from the dates July 1, 2017, to February 8, 2018.

Three counts were filed against Sun Coast Introductions – “Breach of Contract,” “Unjust Enrichment” and “Civil Theft.”

However, contact with Sun Coast Introductions’ Vice President, Michael Carroll told a different story.  “We just settled with the attorney,” Carroll said.  Due to COVID-19, we had to lay off 90% of our staff.  We went from 130 employees down to 10.  Once we received a PPP loan from the federal government, we were able to re-hire employees and address this matter.”

Sheen’s attorney on this case was Rocky Rinker, Attorney at Law, P.A. of St. Petersburg.


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