Incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned Black Lives Matter (BLM) leadership and other activists that he would not surrender the city to those who wish to burn it down in a Thursday speech.

After Assault On Black Republican, Conservatives Criticize Liberals For Phony Anti-Racism Stance

Perhaps nothing better reveals the hypocrisy of liberals than two recent incidents that cut to their core beliefs.

In one instance, it involves police shootings. The left has been stone silent in the wake of U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd admitting that he shot and killed an unarmed woman, Ashli Babbitt, during the unrest on Jan. 6, nor challenged Byrd’s claim that he saved lives and acted heroically, even though he was the only cop to fire a shot in the middle of the mayhem.

The second, more recent instance involved an attack by a white person on a black political candidate – and again we get crickets from the left.

On Wednesday, Larry Elder, the black Republican who is the leading candidate to replace California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall election, was campaigning in Venice.

As Elder and his entourage and fans walked through a homeless encampment, a white woman on a bicycle and wearing a gorilla mask hurled an egg at Elder. She then punched a man who appeared to be part of Elder’s security detail.

The egg narrowly missed the head of the popular Los Angeles talk radio host.

Edler appeared to be unfazed by the incident, telling the local media afterward, “People are angry. People are furious. People are mentally ill. This problem needs to be fixed, and Gavin Newsom has made it worse.”

If elected, Elder could be California’s first black governor. And yet with Elder, liberal pundits and politicians and the national media have largely been silent.

Assuredly, the outrage would overflow the internet and the airwaves if a MAGA-hat-wearing goon had chucked an egg at a black liberal running to oust a GOP governor. Yet, the Los Angeles Times has labeled Elder “the black face of white supremacy,” and so liberals apparently see no need to defend such a racist attack on him.

And conservatives have noted the obvious double standard.

For instance, Jeryl Bier, editor of the Pluribus account at, tweeted, “Any journalists willing to share why they or their news organizations did not consider the assault on Larry Elder by a gorilla-mask-wearing egg thrower worthy of coverage? Or at least worthy of more coverage than a passing mention?”

“If Elder were a Democrat, the attack would have been instantly and with good reason dubbed racist. It would not only be front-page news, it would be just about the only news you were hearing about today on CNN and MSNBC,” National Review writer Kyle Smith noted in a column. “Please do not insult me by pretending that you do not understand the context and history of black folks being subjected to gorilla references. Please do not tell me that a person wearing a gorilla mask who targeted a Democrat would not be tagged as guilty of the most vicious variety of racism. Please do not tell me that progressives can’t be racist.”

Fox News bluntly tweeted, “Liberal media largely ignores egg attack on Black Calif. GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder,” while the conservative watchdog group Media Research Center added, “Larry Elder, a black man, was attacked by a white woman in a gorilla mask. The media have either passed no judgment on the obvious assault or simply not mentioned it at all.”

Conservative columnist Stephen L. Miller tweeted, “National news outlets and journalists who all swear they heard a baseball fan yelling the N-word at a packed stadium suddenly have nothing to say when a person in a gorilla mask throws an egg at a black candidate for governor. Beginning to think these guys don’t actually care about racism all that much.”

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