Aide to Biden: “We’re ready to Pursue Reparations For Slavery Now”

Joe Biden promised that, as president, he would deliver unity.

Instead, he’s delivering COVID-19 relief that rewards blue states for failed policies and penalizes red ones for following “the science,” open borders, citizenship, and no deportations for illegal immigrants.

And now, it appears, reparations for slavery.

Some 156 years after the end of the Civil War and more than 50 years after the institution of legal guarantees of civil rights for black Americans, including the end of Jim Crow laws in the South, Biden’s administration is beginning movement on a policy that will penalize non-black Americans for something they didn’t do, and most have no connection to.

Cedric Richmond, director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, told Axios last week, that the time to move on a reparations plan is now.

“We have to start breaking down systemic racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially African Americans,” Richmond told Axios. “We have to do stuff now.”  

“If you start talking about free college tuition to [historically black colleges and universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think you are well on your way.”

Richmond, by the way, is black, but also a former five-term Democratic congressman from Louisiana and now a senior adviser to the most powerful leader in the world. He is also a lawyer, whose educational pedigree includes a stint studying at Harvard.

In other words, it’s difficult to see how systemic racism has held him back.

The interview also covered a discussion of a bill that would create a commission to study the issue of reparations.

Of that, Richmond said, “We don’t want to wait on a study. We’re going to start acting now.”

Richmond’s comments come just days after former President Barack Obama, another black American who somehow overcame “systemic racism” to serve as his nation’s president for two terms, said he thought reparations were a “non-starter” when he was in the Oval Office.

The idea was held back because of “the politics of white resistance and resentment,” Obama, Biden’s former boss who himself was once considered a unifying figure in American politics, told singer Bruce Springsteen during a podcast.

In late June, a month after the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests and riots, a Reuters poll found that only 20 percent of Americans favored reparations.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a black Democrat and sponsor of the reparations commission bill, said at the time, “Doubters may not have had slaves yesterday, or a decade ago or 100 years ago, but any wealth they hold or expect to gain only exists because of the institution of slavery.”

So according to Jackson Lee, whatever you and your family have or will ever hope to have, whatever part of America you come from, and whether you trace your heritage to the Mayflower or are a recently naturalized citizen, you owe it all to slavery.

In that article, Burgess Owens, a black Republican from Utah who last November won a congressional seat in a state that is 91 percent white, told Reuters, “Those who say they care about slavery should be leading the charge to save the 30 million men, women and children enslaved today around the world.”


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6 Replies to “Aide to Biden: “We’re ready to Pursue Reparations For Slavery Now””

  1. After over half a century of welfare, cash assistance, housing allowance, Section 8, free Medicaid and Medicare, no parental responsibility, no moral accountability, and millions of jobs stolen from more qualified white people through hiring quotas…I think they’ve been reparated. In spades. Pun intended.

  2. If he wants MY MONEY all he has to do is come on down here and TRY to take it…. He’d better pack extra grub and some clean Fruit of The Looms… He’s gonna want to have clean Chonies in when he gets to the hospital

  3. Just another democratic “for the people” but not democratic and not for the people move.


  5. Can my white grandchildren receive reparations through their black grandfather or will it only be my black grandchildren even though thry have them same heritage from slavery?

  6. Anyone who supports reparations is nothing short of a fucking moron! I have never owned any slaves, my ancestors were far too poor to own any slaves, and these people who want reparations have never picked any cotton! This country is FUCKED!

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