American Samoan LLCs Benefits Multi-Level Marketing Companies Around the world

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American Samoa has now extended its offering towards multi-level marketing companies or Multi-Level marketing.

"American Samoan LLC offerings now extend to multi-level marketing firms ensuring they remain the top region for LLC registration among global clients.”

— Matt Pearce

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2022 / — The American Samoa region has already opened doors to multiple businesses with its enticing LLC offerings and extensive benefits. Different companies prefer this unincorporated territory for registering their LLCs as they offer tax savings and asset protection. The American Samoan region has now extended its offering towards multi-level marketing companies or Multi-Level marketing.

What are Multi-Level marketing and how does an LLC registration benefit them?

MLM or multi-level marketing is associated with businesses hiring distributors to recruit other distributors. These are network marketing businesses where every distributor receives a certain commission percentage as each distributor signs up.

These companies are highly dependent on sales and mouth publicity rather than having an infrastructure or investing in marketing services. Therefore, MLMs are preferable for their economic reasons and the need to establish individual company foundations.

However, an LLC registration is essential for Multi-Level marketing companies. Since Multi-Level marketing is already an established unit, opting for LLC registration in American Samoa opens new avenues.

Benefits of an American Samoa LLC

Every business comes with its risks, and forming an LLC will offer a safety net to MLMs. For instance, if a company is dealing with health and body products, and a user experiences rash issues and files a lawsuit against the company. The company must undergo legal court proceedings now, ultimately facing product liability. In this case, the company proprietor does not receive protection against personal property.

However, with an LLC, one can protect their personal assets from their business assets, protecting one from heavy losses. This indicates that the proprietor's home, car, and bank assets do not come up under the lawsuit.

Moreover, since the American Samoa LLC registration offers business safeguarding from frivolous lawsuits with its distance from the U.S. mainland, there is significantly less chance of malicious customer cases. This way, a business remains safe as the opposite party's lawyer must be present in the Samoan court.

MLMs can also enjoy profits if they opt for an American Samoa LLC

MLM companies like Doterra, Young Living, and Mary Kay are some of the notable names with a billion-dollar valuation. Since American Samoa business owners are considered independent Samoan citizens, companies registered here do not have to abide by the American federal tax laws. Moreover, the Samoan territory has a separate tax authority protecting businesses from the IRS.

American Samoa LLC registration is profitable for global MLM

An company functions as a single entity and business owners are responsible for marketing their products and potential lawsuits. Hence, an American Samoan LLC will ultimately protect MLMs from personal liability and offer tax benefits simultaneously. American Samoa is a preferred destination for business formation with such lucrative prospects.

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