Amid the global economic turmoil, Navisyo defies all odds in its successful partnership with Wefunder

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2021 / — As the COVID crisis continues to greatly impact the hospitality and travel industries worldwide, Navisyo, a new high tech startup, which connects boat owners to the international travel community, raises 160,000 dollars in an unexpected record-breaking campaign on Wefunder, one of the largest, U.S. based, crowdfunding platforms in the world –

“Accessing this leading crowdfunding platform was a game changer for us” reveals Alexander Michaels, the founding father of Navisyo. “Following our official public launch, on December 18, 2020, in less than 3 weeks, over 183 private investors immediately jumped onboard the Navisyo journey and our initial fundraising goal was reached in record time” he further discloses.

Owing to its incredible kick-start success and stellar crowdfunding performance, Navisyo has now been approved and licensed, under the United States SEC, to raise up to 5,000,000 dollars per year. Consequently, the company will soon be resuming its public Wefunder campaign, offering further investment opportunities, throughout 2021, to business savvy investors who see and understand that the Navisyo concept is, in effect, ground-breaking and will play a leading role in the post-pandemic travel trends.

“Being able to gain financial independence so early on, without yielding equity, has offered the company a comfortable front seat position to launch its test pilot territories. Once fully tested, with ample capital, we will be ready to initiate its global expansion – without the need and support from institutional investors” Alexander explains.

Look out for this new up-and-coming high tech company, as today, the horizon looks brighter than ever for the Navisyo family.

About Navisyo

A peer-to-peer “revenue sharing” booking platform which unites boat owners, from all over the world, with travelers searching for more affordable and safer experiences on the water through 3 distinct categories – Floatel stays (accommodation with or without the boat hosts on board), Voyages (a boat journey from point A to Point B, with the boat hosts) and Events (fun alternative venues on the water).

Navisyo, above all, prides itself in creating the first online travel revenue sharing platform which allocates lifetime commission-based royalties to all of its users and participants – Ambassadors, travelers, boat owners, marinas and travel agencies to name a few. For the first time ever, not a single person in the ‘booking process’ is left behind, making it a true win-win for all.

For more information on this revolutionary revenue sharing concept, please visit the Navisyo website at

Alexandre Michaels, CEO and Founder


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