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Analysis: Trump May Be Gone, But He Hasn’t Stopped Talking – About Almost Everyone

He went. But he did not go quietly.

Former President Donald Trump, never one short on words, has been among the most vocal of former U.S. chief executives, an analysis by The Washington Times says.

As the Times reported on Monday, “The man who blazed paths with his words in the White House is still at it, running perhaps the noisiest, rowdiest and wackiest ex-presidency in American history.”

“In slightly more than 200 days since he left office, Mr. Trump has fired off more than 400 statements and press releases through his Save America political action committee and his official office as the 45th president.”

“Donald Trump has never been a traditional political candidate nor a traditional president,” Jay Williams, a Republican Party strategist, told the Times. “You’d expect that he’d be just as unconventional post-presidency.”

Although presidential historians say it’s unusual for past presidents to publicly criticize current ones, it’s not unprecedented.

Teddy Roosevelt once called his successor, William Howard Taft, a “fathead.” And in more recent eras, President George W. Bush, who was once called “the worst in history” by President Jimmy Carter, criticized President Barack Obama.

In May 2020, Trump, with his usual flair, tried to make it about himself when Obama publicly rebuked his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

On Twitter, Trump replied, “Barack Hussain (sic) Obama is the first Ex-President to ever speak against his successor, which was long tradition of decorum and decency.”

As noted that wasn’t the case. And Trump himself has had no problem engaging in a little Monday morning quarterbacking.

“His favorite topic has been the November election, the subject of more than 60 statements over the past seven months, as Mr. Trump pursues an unprecedented campaign to discredit the results that cost him the White House,” the Times pointed out.

But aside from Democrats like President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, he’s taken on critics from his own party, such as Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney; his own Supreme Court picks; one-time allies and then critics, former Attorney General William Barr and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell; the media, even friendly outlets like Fox News; and sports figures, such as Medina Spirit, a Kentucky Derby horse, and the U.S. women’s soccer team, with a special place reserved for star forward Megan Rapinoe, and LeBron James.

“Mr. Trump started slowly, by his standards,” the Times reported. “His PAC released only a couple of statements in January and then a few more in February.”

Yet in March, he made 22, upped that to 27 in April, and has been almost omnipresent since then: more than 50 releases in May, almost 80 in June, and nearly 120 last month.

As of mid-August, he is closing in on 60.

The Times noted that Trump’s ban from various social media platforms has only “slightly muted” his voice. And yet while he’s the man the mainstream media most love to hate, like Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction,” he won’t be ignored.

As much as his fans revel in his hot takes, the Democrats and the left-wing media also are not ready to let go, either. And that, Williams, the GOP strategist, noted, will help keep Trump relevant.

“I do think his reach will wane over time,” he said, “but as long as the press keeps attacking him, he’ll continue to be relevant and supported by Republicans, even if just out of plain spite for the media.”


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2 Replies to “Analysis: Trump May Be Gone, But He Hasn’t Stopped Talking – About Almost Everyone”

  1. Duuhhhh, he has to do his talking like this as the anti-amer big tech, news media and social networks have tried to totally shut his voice down. No one has run their mouth more than Obama, Clintons and Bush on every topic and the media licks it up. Just like they fawn over Jill Biden when she knew darn good and well Joe Biden’s mental capacity. If not, she needs her doctorate degree canceled if that ignorant. She was and is willing to destroy America for her ego.

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