Antonio Velardo launched his Medium blog

Antonio Velardo

Antonio Velardo - eToro Chart

Antonio Velardo – eToro Chart

The experienced investor Antonio Velardo just launched his new Medium blog that is focused on his view on blockchain and crypto projects.

Finance and the real economy works as antagonists. So, when the economy goes wrong, and the Fed needs to print money and lower the interest rate, it's the best time for a specific type of stock.”

— Antonio Velardo

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 5, 2022 / — Antonio Velardo is an experienced Italian Venture Capitalist and options trader. He is an early Bitcoin and Ethereum adopter who has grown his passion and knowledge after pursuing the Blockchain Strategy Programme at Oxford University and a Master's degree in Digital Currency at Nicosia University.

Antonio manages an 8-figure portfolio of his investment company with a team of analysts; he is a sort of FinTweet mentor, people interact with him online, and he has more than 40,000 followers after his tweets. He has built a fortune in the great tech years and put together a tail strategy during the pandemic that allowed him to take advantage of the market drop. "I did not time the market, and I did not think this was even a black sworn," he says.

On the side of the financial markets, Velardo has a unique combination. He was a real estate entrepreneur that developed several projects in Tunisia, Miami, Italy, the UK, and many other countries and cities. But he has always been passionate about options trading. Still, contrary to the volatility player and quant trading, he always had a value investing touch in his blood. Antonio studied Value Investing at Buffet's famous business school at Columbia University. Even though the central concepts of value investing are antagonists to the venture capital pillars, Antonio's approach tries to bridge elements of both worlds in order to seek alpha. Velardo has learned the importance of spotting pure growth stories and taking advantage of their S-Curve position. This is an essential element at Moat Investing as we are always looking forward to embracing great tech stories at the right time of the adoption cycle. This applies to stocks but also to blockchain projects, as we have shared multiple times on our different channels.

While most value investors do not believe in the level of forecasting involved in the growth investment approach and instead look for undervalued companies, Antonio goes for a mixed portfolio without forgetting the in-depth fundamental and strategic analysis to his positions, always prioritizing companies with strong moats.

"I was just hedged and started to increment the put and reduce the stock exposure once I saw the pandemic going up. Also, the market was already heating up, so I was comfortable with some valuations anyway." Antonio was among the firsts to call to buy the dip at the end of March 2020, as you can see on his blog and Twitter profile.

He explains the logic behind his strategy by stating that "Finance and the real economy works as antagonists. So, when the economy goes wrong, and the Fed needs to print money and lower the interest rate, it's the best time for a specific type of stock, and that's the time to go all-in". He also started to apply his value investing methodology in finding undervalued stocks. He believed in the recovery from covid and re-stabilization of the economy, even before the vaccine news.

As you probably know, in 2020 Antonio Velardo launched his personal blog. Now he has just launched his Medium blog where he will mainly share his ideas and analysis about crypto and different blockchain projects but also some insights about the markets.

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