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AP Calls The Presidential Election for Joe Biden, RNC says Have Patience

Joe Biden has been declared the victor in the 2020 Presidential Election after the Associated Press called the Pennsylvania race, with 20-electoral votes at stake, for the Biden camp.

The AP tally for electoral votes is Biden 284 with Trump at 214.

The RNC says not so fast. There are reports of voting errors in the State of Michigan with software that counted republican votes but handed them to the democratic totals. “We just have to find that out and I think some of these errors are human error and so we need to extrapolate that and figure that out. The software is used in 47 different counties. We’ve got to audit those counties and see if the same type of discrepancy is happening in those counties,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

The RNC and the Trump Camp have filed numerous lawsuits around the country, including Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

“But there is a patience element and there is a canvas for a reason and there is a certification process for a reason and I think what is frustrating for Republicans is this rush to say, ‘all your claims are false, back it up, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Let’s just move on, the country has decided,” said McDaniel.

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