Art for Evolutions’ SUPERCOCO-NFT announces 5 Goal Plan to build a new Coral Reef with NFTs.

MIAMI BEACH, FL, ESTADOS UNIDOS, April 4, 2022 / — SUPERCOCO-NFT (SC-NFT), the first NFT Environmental Art Project to create a new coral reef park with NFTs, releases its 5 Goal Plan.

The big road map is divided into 5 goals:

Goal 1: Equipping people to protect the Ocean using his 10 COMMANDMENTS with #SC10 in 300 sets of 10 3D tradable NFT cards.

Goal 2: Reproduce thousands and thousands of corals with his #SC-LEGION of 20,000 AR NFTs ready to reincarnate in baby coral bodies in the Ocean.

Goal 3: Establish a Coral nursery in the Ocean with the #BML (BLUE MARK LABYRINTH) to grow 20,000 new corals annually.

Goal 4: Create a new coral reef #BMP (BLUE MARK PARK) to meet his human friends in his home and that of more than 1 million different marine species.

Goal 5: Still generate awareness in the Metaverse with #SC-HEA! to avoid the projected extinction of corals by 2050, creating the first coral reef in the Metaverse.” says AB ARTIST the creator and founder of ART FOR EVOLUTION non-profit organization based in Miami Beach

This unique NFT initiative will be launched in the second quarter of 2022 in Polygon and Solana blockchains. All #SUPERCOCO-NFTs are enriched with an added layer of Augmented Reality Art and a drop of AWARENESS from #SC 10 COMMANDMENTS to generate eco-ethical habits and educate us to respect the Planet. Every NFT collector will co-create the large-scale Ecological Art reef park with a PARTICIPATORY CERTIFICATE as one of the new coral reef Founders that make their small part of a big change.

Analia Bordenave (AB artist), author and director of the #SC NFT environmental project, has an established career in participatory, ecological, and Plan AR-Art. She is the founder of ART FOR EVOLUTION (AFE), the nonprofit charitable organization in Miami Beach, Florida, where scientists, coral restoration experts, master divers, developers, crypto financial analysts, and great volunteer team members help enrich the environment. Analia uses her art as a medium to promote positive change in society and the environment because she believes that art has the power to change the world.

SUPERCOCO-NFT a revolutionary environmental NFT project wants to show that the crypto-community has a remarkable ability to take care of the Planet with NFTs.


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