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As A Catholic Group Tallies Up Biden’s Anti-Catholic Agenda, WAPO Says Biden Is ‘Very Catholic’

President Joe Biden is “very Catholic,” according to The Washington Post.

A website devoted to correcting that impression adamantly begs to differ. released its “Biden Report” to spotlight Biden’s radical policies. The website has documented 48 times over Biden’s first 100 days in office when his policies conflicted with Catholic doctrine.

Some examples cited by just from the past week include:

  • White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki declaring that Biden “respectfully disagrees” with the U.S. Catholic bishops who criticized the administration for overturning a Trump administration rule blocking use of the remains of aborted children for scientific research.
  • Biden’s administration withdrew another rule proposed by the Trump administration that would have allowed single-sex shelters to accept people according to sex, and not gender identity.
  • The State Department permitting the “LGBT pride” flag to be flown on the same flagpole as the American flag at overseas embassies.
  • The Senate confirming 51-49 Biden’s nominee Vanita Gupta as an associate attorney general. When Gupta served as leader of the Justice Department’s civil rights division under President Barack Obama, she argued for forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor, an organization of Catholic nuns that serves the poor, to provide abortion-inducing drugs in their healthcare plans.
  • The Biden administration challenging a North Dakota ruling that said doctors cannot be forced to perform “gender reassignment” surgeries if that violates their religious beliefs.
  • A small, private Christian college in Missouri announced that it is suing Biden over his executive order that mandates such schools to house biological males into female dormitories and even assign them as female students’ roommates.

While none of this comports with Catholic doctrine or tradition, the Post was letting its readers know where it stood – as if there was any doubt.

In a tweet highlighting its article about the stand-off among U.S. Catholic bishops over Biden receiving holy communion while openly opposing church teaching on abortion and gay marriage, the Post noted, “A rising group of right-wing U.S. Catholic bishops is colliding with a very Catholic president who supports abortion rights.”

Meanwhile, CatholicVote President Brian Burch said in a statement that he intends to hound Biden about his rejection of the faith and informing Catholic voters about it.

“From abortion to racial politics, to the politicization of science and a humanitarian crisis on the border, the first 100 days of the new administration have indeed brought a partisan wrecking ball to the priorities of religious voters — albeit with a smile hidden beneath the president’s mask,” Burch said.

“It can be easy to forget about important policy changes when the accumulated attacks on Catholics are so frequent and come from nearly every corner of this administration,” Burch added. “We won’t forget. And we’ll make sure every Catholic doesn’t either.”

He concluded, “Many on the right mock Joe Biden as a senile old man, incapable of running the country. This is a critical mistake.”

“Biden is installing an army of hard-left ideologues in every facet of the federal government with the goal of remaking America from the ground up. Combining radical policies like open borders, unlimited abortion, and packing the Supreme Court as ways to advance the ‘equity’ agenda, the Biden administration has never sought to restore previous norms, but instead to create its own.”

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