If President Joe Biden’s push to force all taxpayers to repay student loans instead of the borrowers has taught us anything, it is that many harbor doubt about the value of a college education.

As DEI Weaves Its Way Into Every Aspect Of Life, An Ivy League Law Professor Fights Back

An Ivy League law professor has opened a new front in the culture war against the left-wing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” movement.
Source: Cornell University

An Ivy League law professor has opened a new front in the culture war against the left-wing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” movement.

William Jacobson, a Cornell Law School professor, and founder and president of the Legal Insurrection website and blog has launched the Equal Protection Project or EPP.

According to its website, the EPP is “devoted to the fair treatment of all persons without regard to race or ethnicity.”

“Our guiding principle is that there is no ‘good’ form of racism. The remedy for racism never is more racism. We will INVESTIGATE wrongdoing, EDUCATE the public, and LITIGATE when necessary.”

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As The Washington Times reported on Saturday, Jacobson seeks to challenge the left’s “equity agenda,” with the EPP “aimed at investigating, exposing and litigating racial-preference programs that have proliferated nationwide as equity advocates seek to ensure equality of outcome, not just opportunity.”

“Our highest ideal as a society is enshrined in the Constitution, the 14th Amendment, and federal, state and local law, which is you do not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity,” Jacobson told Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson in an interview last week.

“And we are seeing that unfortunately, under the concept of equity, that there’s outright discrimination on the basis of race.”

The gist of the EPP seems to be to challenge the “anti-racism” scheme advocated by DEI activists, and which is clamping down on all of American life.

President Joe Biden did this recently with a new executive order prompting “equity,” which may be better described as reverse racism.

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Conservative journalist Christopher Rufo, whom Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis recently appointed to the board of New College in Sarasota, outlined Biden’s order last week.

Biden, Rufo said, “promises to create a national DEI bureaucracy and embed the principles of left-wing racialism throughout the federal government.”

It’s a three-part process, according to Rufo. Biden is:

  • Creating internal cadres of DEI officers whose work will be to shape “the culture, the personnel, and the budgeting process in the federal government.”
  • Funding with taxpayers’ dollars by third-party political activists “under the guise of so-called underserved communities or faith and community organizations.”
  • Doubling down on “the weaponization of civil rights law, this time with some very interesting and very modern twists. He’s pushing left-wing ideology, even regulating things like the use of artificial intelligence.”

The Times noted that Jacobson’s EPP effort is initially aimed at public policies and programs, but could branch out to challenge the private sector.

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He already has filed the first cases.

In two instances, the EPP is challenging policies by the Providence, Rhode Island, school district.

One effort challenges the district’s “Educator of Color Loan Forgiveness Program.”

Through that, the school district created a partnership with the Rhode Island Community Foundation, the largest private, nonprofit organization in Rhode Island, to implement a student loan forgiveness program. Under the program, the school district seeks to recruit 127 “teachers of color” –  defined as Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, or multiracial — by paying up to $25,000 of their student loans.

In the other case, Providence’s school district in January organized and sponsored a professional networking event called an “Educators of Color Meet Up,” to which the school district itself said it was only “inviting Educators of Color.”

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“By its own terms – a Meet Up for ‘Educators of Color’ with only Educators of Color invited – the Event has been promoted as racially exclusionary,” the EPP noted. “Only non-whites have been invited.” According to the Times, in discussing the anti-white student loan program, Jacobson said, “We are pursuing it, but nobody is challenging this. The governor is no place to be found. The attorney general is no place to be found. This is a government program to discriminate and unfortunately, that’s what has happened to the equity agenda.”

“We’re getting reports from around the country of these sorts of problems,” he added.

He also called for a “national effort” to combat the growing scourge of anti-white racism by inviting other lawyers to join the EPP.

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