36 Day suspension from second grade in Florida

As The Case Of A Florida Second-Grader Shows, Mandate-Happy Democrats Are Content To Make Rules They Dont Live By

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that masks don’t work.

If they did, the same Democrats who impose mask mandates wouldn’t take them off  – as they do time and again, and again, and again.

President Joe Biden did it recently at a ritzy restaurant in Washington, D.C.. The woman who imposed that mandate, Mayor Muriel Bowser, also violated her own face-covering mandate not long ago.

Time after time – in places like San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, Denver, San Jose, Boston – mayors have broken the rules they demand others follow. The same is true at the state level with governors in California, New York, and Michigan.

Democrats refuse to abide by their own rules.

Earlier this month, left-wing Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib went to an event in Detroit, her hometown. She told some followers that the only reason she was wearing a mask was because a “Republican tracker” was following and filming her. That episode came two months after Tlaib was caught dancing maskless at an indoor party.

And when Democrats don’t follow their own rules, they just make them up.

The blue checks on Twitter and the blue pols in Florida have roasted the state’s new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

He refused a request from a Democratic state senator who asked him to mask up because she has cancer and has a weakened immune system.

Yet this same senator, just days before the incident with Ladapo, was photographed at least twice hugging other Democratic senators, and neither she nor the other lawmakers wore a mask.

When confronted about this obvious hypocrisy, with typical Democratic arrogance, the senator admitted that she did not apply her own personal rule evenly – yet still argued that Ladapo still should have heeded her request.

Apparently, the coronavirus is as partisan as your run-of-the-mill Democrat.

But there are real consequences to this.

One such example is in Palm Beach County.

In that county, a formidable Democratic beachhead, a precocious but unfortunate second-grader named Fiona has been repeatedly rung up by her school’s administration for violating the school district’s masking requirement.

In less than three months, Fiona has spent a whopping 36 days being punished for defying her betters – even as Florida has descended to the lowest per-capita infection rate in the country, and even though children were rarely at risk for serious infection.

No doubt, one person who would applaud the harsh line taken with Fiona is Palm Beach County School Board member Alexandria Ayala.

Back in August, right after Florida schools reopened, Ayala maintained that masks were necessary because children were at “higher risk during this pandemic” – apparently ignoring all of “the science” that says the exact opposite.

Ayala also ripped Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom, she said, “overstepped” his boundaries by blocking school boards from mandating masks.

Shortly thereafter, she applauded a state court ruling that blocked DeSantis’ ban on school mask mandates.

Yet a month after she made those initial comments, Ayala was photographed partying maskless at a high-end bash for the movers and shakers in Palm Beach’s business community.

As far as we can tell, some six weeks later, Ayala has yet to apologize for, or even acknowledge her hypocrisy.

But why should she?

Democrats never express remorse. They never ask forgiveness.

They only double down.

Nonetheless, Republican state Rep. Mike Caruso of Palm Beach County has had enough.

In a lengthy press release on Tuesday denouncing the School Board’s mask mandates, and which referenced Fiona, Caruso noted, “Kids dislike the masks; kids do not feel individualized wearing masks; kids have less communication and more isolation because of masks; kids have a very difficult time reading emotions because the face is covered; kids need to see their faces, it’s crucial for their socialization; kids in high school are acting like middle schoolers.”

He also pointed out suicide talk, suicide attempts, and actual suicides have at least doubled among Florida’s young during the pandemic even as data show counties without mask mandates are no worse off than those that adopted them.

“Our school children already have extreme low rates of transmission, hospitalization, and death. They deserve a right to a normal education. They deserve a right to a normal childhood. It has been almost two years. When is enough – enough?” said Caruso.

“Let’s bring back the smiling faces and the playful interaction of children with their friends.  Let’s bring back education as it should be. Make masks optional.”   

The reality is that Democrats in South Florida, in most major cities across America, and in big blue states like California, New York, and Michigan, they already have made masks optional.

But it’s an option only they can exercise.

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