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TRINITY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2022 / — In 1970, at the age of 16, Jim Howard was living the ordinary life of a teenager in Texas but in three days his life changed. Jim’s father stepped outside their church after a Sunday night service and killed the deacon that was helping his family because of domestic issues. Jim’s world turn upside down, but God had a plan for his life. In his new book, God’s Unseen Plan, Jim Howard inspires others through the personal tragedy he experienced many years ago, while helping people navigate through their personal pain and suffering.

“If you ever felt you were not worthy of God’s forgiveness, I encourage you to read this book. Before your eyes you will see a true story unfold that demonstrates that God has a plan, though unseen, for everyone. This story of Jim Howard’s life, experiences, and how God intervened and engineered his circumstances will reveal to you that God does love us and has a plan and purpose for your life regardless of your past. You too can make a difference, as Jim has, and fulfill the purpose God has planned for your life.”- Mark Graham, CEO and President of Planning Advisors

In 2006, Jim started working with churches educating them on how not to be a soft target. Now, Jim runs a nationwide organization called Trinity Security Allies. Jim says, “Even though church security is the full circle of all God has prepared me for, this book is about ministering to those that have so much in life but still searching for that one thing that would make their life whole. I felt I didn’t need Christ and was very successful in my journey. But, because of the failures in my life, bad relationships, my arrogance and almost losing my daughter, it was only when I returned to Christ that I found perfection I had never found anywhere else.”

Jim’s courage and faith have allowed him to take a tragedy and use it to inspire people about their purpose. Through his book, God’s Unseen Plan, Jim is making a difference in our communities and leading people to a fulfilled life found in Jesus.

Jim Howard is Executive Director of Trinity Security Allies which provides protection and security training for houses of worship, faith-based schools and non-profit organizations. In Jim’s security training he puts the emphasis on serving and expanding the Kingdom of God while protecting the flock.  Prior to this, Jim served more than 25 years in the Norfolk VA Police Department and provided worldwide security analysis and executive protection for the World Bank in Washington DC. 

Jim loves to share both his passion for serving the Lord and his security training to bring peace to both individuals and organizations.  You can connect with Jim at:

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