Author writes a true story of how the mafia helped him lose 400 million dollars

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A true story of the good, bad and very ugly. The novel covers many segments of the authors life dealing with the mafia and other fraudsters around the world.

How the mafia infiltrated wall street and the schemes of other fraudsters around the world that are continuing their schemes racking in millions from unsuspecting investors.”

— The truth will set you free

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2022 / — Former Mob connected publisher writes a tell-all to expose international financial schemes

The Mafia Helped Me Lose 400 Million Dollars by Steve Bazsuly
ISBN: 978-1-68515-400-4
Publication Date: Available on Amazon and Barns & Nobel

At the age of 76, Steve Bazsuly can honestly say he’s seen it all. “I’ve seen the good, the bad and the very ugly in life,” Bazsuly says. In his new biographical exposé, Bazsuly relates his life story beginning with childhood, followed by his career moves and association with the Mafia and many other national and international criminals. His involvement in several real estate deals resulted in criminal convictions and two separate jail sentences. “I have climbed the ladder of success and hit rock bottom many times, only to get up and take another crack at life,” Bazsuly says.

In “The Mafia Helped Me Lose 400 Million Dollars”, Bazsuly relates his firsthand dealings with major crime families, politicians, and high-profile businessman and personalities, including many of the players involved in the FBI’s King’s Court sting operation depicted in the film “Donnie Brasco”, famed attorney F. Lee Bailey and his client O.J. Simpson, and even former President Donald Trump. Drawing from a cache of over 3,000 documents, Bazsuly lays out how the Mafia controlled the brokerage business. He shares how an FBI bust of his publicly traded company resulted in the arrest of 150 people and the downfall of five New York Mafia families, making headlines as the biggest Mafia bust in U.S. history. By sharing his story, Bazsuly seeks to save future investors from fraudsters still on the run. “There are still plenty of international thieves robbing people blind all over the world with bogus financial schemes,” Bazsuly says. “I want to help potential investors spot them before they find out they’ve been swindled.” “The Mafia Helped Me Lose 400 Million Dollars” is available for purchase online at – Barnes and Noble -Walmart and others

THE GOOD- The novel also covers Steve's life growing up in Corona Queens NY and travels time to the present day. Steve has written 5 more books which can be seen on his web site or YouTube Titled Mafia Books and More. The book is also translated in Japanese which can be seen on YouTube under the title of Mafia Books and More Japanese. It also can be seen on our company website:

About the Author
Steve Bazsuly served as president and CEO for a number of private and publicly held companies. His background includes construction, real estate development, newspaper publishing, international import and export of products including electronics, food, and e-commerce businesses. Steve managed a huge portfolio of real estate consisting of thousands of apartments and commercial properties throughout the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. He is also an accomplished musician and was the lead singer for a number of bands and is proficient at the bass guitar, double bass, drums, and lead guitar. His rock bands have toured in Europe and the Pacific Rim, entertaining thousands of fans. He studied architecture in college and worked as apprentice in the building trades before enlisting in the army. He served with the 184th Army Security Agency in Europe and was an intelligence analyst with the 313th Military Intelligence Battalion, a part of the 82nd Airborne Division based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and is a disabled veteran.
Books can be found under the title Mafia books and more.

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