Award-Winning Author, Film Producer Drills Down on Values in New Release Now Available as Audiobook

Minter Dial

You Lead: How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader

"You Lead" Encourages a New Kind of Leadership

Being your authentic self will make you a better leader.”

— Minter Dial

WINTER PARK, FL, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2021 / — He walked the walk during his 16 years with L’Oreal, and he’s talked the talk as an internationally sought-after consultant, speaker and author. Minter Dial’s latest offering is “You Lead: How Being Yourself Makes You a Better Leader,” recently released as an audiobook.

Dial draws on his real-life experiences to show how leaders can hone their greatest assets: themselves. He argues that society as a whole needs a new kind of leadership, one that can transform government, corporations and civil society. He acknowledges the growing constraints on organizations — economic, environmental, social and health, especially as they transition out of the global pandemic — but offers a guide for leaders looking to embrace the new reality.

“You Lead” outlines what Dial calls “the CHECK framework,” which stands for curiosity, humility, empathy, courage and karma. This framework promotes lifelong learning, a new understanding of looking to the strength of one’s network rather than just one’s own strengths, standing up for core beliefs and having the right intentions. Dial calls the “E” in CHECK a “superpower,” noting that empathy is sorely needed in many organizations. He summarizes the research showing an empathy deficit along with his own data regarding leaders’ exaggerated sense of empathy. By being realistic about one’s level of empathy, doing the work to improve first one’s self-empathy and then showing it to others, leaders can exercise this muscle in a meaningful way.

Dial provides insights and practical activities to help readers learn to walk the walk as the kind of leader needed in today’s organizations. “Being your authentic self will make you a better leader,” he said, where it's about understanding your full self, warts and all. It will likely require some course correction, but ultimately it's about being the best version of yourself that will help you uplift and grow your team and business.

Minter Dial is a London-based speaker, consultant, podcaster and author who is an internationally regarded expert in branding with a specialization in digital transformation. He is the author of three award-winning books, including “Heartifical Empathy: Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence” (a 2019 Book Excellence Award winner), “The Last Ring Home” and “Futureproof.”

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