Award Winning Luxury Hotel Site Benefits from News on Vaccine

Greg Guiteras, CEO

With recent promising news of a safe vaccine, bookings for travel in 2021 are on the rise.

Greg Guiteras, CEO of the travel management company, Lorraine Travel, a full-service travel agency since 1948, and WhataHotel!, an award-winning website featuring luxury hotels with exclusive perks as well as Cabinmate app that helps solo travelers find roommates, has watched the decline in travel throughout 2020. The Covid-19 virus put a halt on leisure travel and decimated corporate travel. But with the recent promising news of a safe vaccine, bookings for travel in 2021 are suddenly pouring in.

At WhataHotel!, we had noticed a steady increase in bookings within the US, Mexico and neighboring Caribbean islands since July. The day the news concerning the Pfizer vaccine made headlines, we certainly felt a bump in the booking volume. We undoubtedly expect that confidence in travel will increase with the development of an effective Covid-19 vaccine, stated Greg Guiteras.

Given the extremely flexible policies that the vast majority of WhataHotel! properties have currently implemented for future bookings, Guiteras’ team of experienced travel experts have urged their clients to keep their travel dreams alive, and book sooner rather than later. After all, guests can now cancel without penalty, no matter the reason. And here’s the clincher for those need it; WhataHotel! even offers a “Stay Now, Pay Later” option so that clients can pay for a stay over a 12-month term.

There is essentially no risk in booking and planning for the future, so why not take advantage of booking at your preferred property now, while occupancy is low and rates are reasonable? As we hopefully receive more positive news and begin to see the “light at the end of the tunnel,” demand will surely increase, driving rates to be higher than what they are currently priced at.

While booking within the United States would be the “safest” bet for the immediate future –Guiteras expects that most tourist-oriented destinations will be opening over the coming months – and for places that thrive from US tourism specifically (such as Italy,) you might be able to strike great value by again, booking in advance.

Rates across the globe are currently down in comparison to the past two years, so relatively speaking, there are deals to be found almost anywhere! Lower rates coupled with exclusive perks like room upgrades full breakfast x 2 daily, a $100 resort credit and more, give those who book across WhataHotel! an edge on every booking.

With tourism being such a vital piece of the global economy Guiteras and his team are extremely confident that there will be a major bounce back as it relates to travel worldwide. Disposable income is used on travel and vacations more So than any other product or experience, year after year – and one can never truly appreciate the many wonders of our world without experiencing those things live, and firsthand. While things may never be exactly the same as before, and additional precautions when traveling may be the norm moving forward – we adapt because we know a virtual vacation across Zoom will not cut it.

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