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Balancedcapitalism.org presents an innovative plan to correct the economic imbalance created by American capitalism

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NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The balanced capitalism plan may be viewed as a new infrastructure project to “build back better.”

The advancement of American capitalism leaving no one behind is a worthy mission. Americans are thirsting for a revitalized economic model to correct its imbalance without stifling innovation and denying creature comforts to anyone. The plan necessitates standing up and holding public corporations accountable without harming their ability to grow and expand their businesses. The plan will continue to optimize the growth of capital over the long-term without overly optimizing its benefit to corporate America. Sensing a bright outlook, stock prices will robustly weather any short-term volatility after the plan’s implementation.

BalancedCapitalism.org, a nonprofit with a mission to educate the general public on its simple, yet elegant, plan to tame capitalism for the public good, proudly announces partnerships with Shopify, Printful, Web Solutions Mart and Carro. Shopify offers a user-friendly experience supporting the creation of the nonprofit’s website and a platform to market its catalog of products available in many colors and sizes, like its waterproof packable jacket, Champion hoodie and backpack, organic tote bag, coffee mug, face mask, distressed ball cap, pitching sleeves and t-shirts for the entire family. Printful facilitates the design and shipping of products to customers. Web Solutions Mart smartly enhances SEO tech capabilities and Carro grows capacity and increases product sales via its influencer marketing app and sales channel. All catalog product sales go towards supporting the nonprofit’s mission statement.

The balanced capitalism plan calls for a proportional amount of share capital raised by public corporations to be directed into a universal social net program to correct inequality in the system. Once realized, the plan will offer a basic income program for lower and middle class adults. The project will restore public confidence in the economic system, and, by no small feat, right the ship of commerce and industry. A FAQ page on the website explains why change is necessary and the reasoning behind the plan.

“Capitalism (complete with warts and beauty marks) is under a social, political and ethical microscope. Critical mass is accumulating; dominant underlying assumptions are changing.” (Bernie Nagle, author, restorative capitalist)

“Capitalism needs to be reformed if it is to survive.” (Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan and Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates)

“'Winners Take All' argues that the winners in capitalist culture, those who derive their power from wealth gained through exploitation, should not be entrusted with the work of solving social ills.” (Anand Giridharadas, author)

The nonprofit welcomes people across America and around the world to visit its website, rally behind its unique cause and support its vital mission by purchasing its trendy products aimed at fitting individual and family needs and spreading the word about the project. An easy way to donate to support the mission — click on the catalog/donation tab. All funding contributions are greatly appreciated.

Email address: contactusbalancedcapitalism@gmail.com.

Where people work for a just and balanced world.

Willard Williams



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