Barbershop Speaks + MPAC Crypto As Seen On Forbes, NPR, and The Grio Releases A Summer Crypto Convos Tour

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Summer Crypto Convos Tour To Teach Black & Brown Communities About New Opportunities Available In Cryptocurrency

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2022 / — Media Contact: Danielle P. Jeter 267-562-2179 &
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Who: Barbershop Speaks positively impacts communities that are underserved and underprivileged. The organization was conceived during the Summer of 2016 from the simple question: What would happen if we engage in intentional dialogues about issues that affect us directly in spaces that are common and comfortable for the community? Partnered with business leaders, politicians, judges, attorneys, education experts, and more, to bring education through conversation, Barbershop Speaks serves as a platform to accelerate the existing community work being done as well as provide new opportunities available in Cryptocurrency.

What: Barbershop Speaks Presents Crypto Convos Powered By MPAC Crypto is a national initiative to discuss, debate, and educate communities around the country on Web3. The series is sponsored by Lab22c, Buzz Box USA, Uniswap Grants Program, and more. Events will take place adjacent to NFT Atlanta Con, NFT NYC, and more high-impact conferences. Barbershop Speaks engages in professionally recorded dialogues that take place in barbershops as well as beauty salons to educate and empower underserved communities on information centered around Web3. The significance of Web3 for the community is the power of ownership of one's own data and information on the internet on a verifiable and immutable ledger (the Blockchain), permissionless access to capital through unbiased tech, and the ability to build and create using open source technologies. The topics will range from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to Decentralized Finance (DEFI) to the Metaverse to Yield Farming and much more.

Why: From the first Bitcoin mined to now, millions of lives have changed as a result of crypto. Barbershop Speaks believes that in a couple of years, billions of lives will be positively impacted! We want the communities who have typically been last in line, given the least, and marginalized, to partake in life-altering discussions to enhance their financial future. Every attendee receives approximately $100+ in Crypto when attending our free of charge Crypto Convos Events sweeping the nation!

When & Where: Crypto Convos occur every month in different locations around the US. To learn more about upcoming events please subscribe to the website

How: By sharing information and ideas, Crypto Convos events will help everyone involved grow. Beginners can learn about the basics of cryptocurrency, while more experienced investors can keep up with the latest news and developments. What's more, crypto conversations will help to build community and create connections between people who might otherwise never meet. Attendees to these events tend to be Black and Brown, Men and Women, Ages 22-45, college-aged as well as working professionals living near major US Cities. In a world where division seems to be the norm, we will all unite around the need for financial inclusion, ownership opportunities for those often overlooked, and education that will impact generations. The conversations are professionally recorded and offered to viewers as an educational tool to increase participation in Web3.

Past Media Coverage: Forbes, NPR, MSNBC, The Grio, The Miami Times, Fintech TV, The Haitian Times, Axios, and NBC News

About Jefferson Noel:
Jefferson Noel is a professor at Florida Memorial University. He is a three-time published author and a professional orator. Jefferson is the founder of Barbershop Speaks and Yes I Believe NFT, a project that focuses on teaching the youth and educating educators on crypto. He has been featured on MSNBC, NBC News Now, NPR, and more. Additionally, he has received Miami’s Top Black Educator Distinction of 2021, Revolutionary Leadership Award, and the Legacy of Leadership Award.

About MPAC Crypto:
MPAC Crypto operates as the utility token for the MPAC Financial Technology platform which helps underserved entrepreneurs access capital & business development services.

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