“Best Of” Chris Ingram Show. Topic: Kicked Off Social Media

From the August 15 Chris Ingram Show, Chris talks about the challenges of expressing fact-based opinions that snowflakes on social media sights are offended by causing legitimate factual views to be censored.

On the full episode, show topics include: transgender nonsense, liberalism, social media censorship, Cuomo, critical race theory, and the mess in Afghanistan.

This show is not for snowflakes. If you are easily offended by other people’s opinions, go watch CNN to confirm your liberal bias.

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One Reply to ““Best Of” Chris Ingram Show. Topic: Kicked Off Social Media”

  1. What a total douche bag this Chris dude is. Speaking of feckless…. He should check out his nearest mirror.
    Talking about facts, logic, etc., but dude doesn’t even know the difference between site and sight. Clearly lacking the latter, along with any Twitter engagement, lol. All the single likes on his comments are either him liking his own shit stink, or a subservient gimp he has tied up to a bed somewhere.
    Actually shocked he’s still above terra based on his open hate for health and safety and his conservative radio host position. They seem to be dropping off like flies.
    Best of luck with this one, lol.

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