Better Health Announces New Ostomy Supply Product Lines

Better Health offers more choices: Ostomy barriers, Ostomy bag, Adhesive removers, Skin protectants, Ostomy rings and strips, Barrier strips, and more

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Better Health, a comprehensive chronic condition management platform, today announced a major expansion in its product lines, which will give those with an Ostomy more choices when it comes to ostomy supplies.

"Our product lines and depth are increasing, the website is becoming more robust, and our Resource Center is quickly becoming a "go to" solution for Ostimates," noted Steven Lockhart of Better Health.

Better Health provides a convenient and cost-effective way to help individuals with chronic conditions buy their medical supplies from home. By offering personalized product recommendations, out-of-pocket cost estimates, and handling all medical and insurance paperwork, Better Health helps its members sort through hundreds of available products to find a suite of products ideally suited to manage their unique condition and needs.

The company offers ostomy supplies in the following categories:

Ostomy barriers
• Also known as ostomy wafers or base plates, an ostomy barrier adheres to your skin. It surrounds the stoma and protects both the skin and the stoma.

Ostomy bag
• Also known as ostomy pouches, the ostomy bag attaches to the barrier and collects output.

Adhesive removers
• Available as sprays or wipes, adhesive removers help release the adhesive on the ostomy barrier from the skin, which helps protect the skin from tears.

Skin protectants
• Also available as a spray or wipe, skin protectants create a thin layer that helps protect skin from any output and can help the ostomy barrier adhere better.

Ostomy rings and strips
• Ostomy rings and strips, sometimes called barrier or stoma rings, surround the stoma and sit under the barrier. They fill in creases and gaps, creating a smoother surface for the barrier to adhere to.

Ostomy paste
• Ostomy pastes do the same job as ostomy rings but have the flexibility to act as a spot filler.

Barrier strips
• Barrier strips surround the edges of the ostomy barrier. They’re useful for keeping the edges of the barrier from rolling up and can help extend the life of the barrier.

Deodorants and odor eliminators
• Deodorants are available in as drops you can add directly to your pouch. Some deodorants also contain lubrication that helps output drain from the pouch more easily.

Currently Better Health has products listed from Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Securi-T, Smith & Nephew, Torbot Group, 3M, and more. Ostomy supply business offices are located in California and Florida.

About Better Health
Better Health is working to digitize and modernize the antiquated medical supplies industry. More than 80 million Americans use medical supplies in their homes on a regular basis. Our aim is to bring greater transparency and choice to our customers by offering an end-to-end care solution – bundling clinical consultation, member education, insurance management, and home delivery. Better Health Ostomy Supply office locations are in California and Florida.

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