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Biden Admin Argues That Harvard Should Be Allowed To Discriminate Against Asian American Students

President Joe Biden has sought to discriminate against white business owners, farmers, and troops in his quest to push the radical “equity” agenda.

But when given a chance to stand up against real racism, the Biden administration backs the liberal racists who wanted to keep a particular minority group in its place.

Earlier this week, lawyers for the administration, which is the most radical on racial issues in memory, urged the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold Harvard’s affirmative action policy that discriminates against Asian Americans.

The students and the conservative activists are hoping the right-leaning Supreme Court will overturn lower courts and find Harvard’s policy illegal. 

The case is now in its seventh year. Conservative activists first sued Harvard in 2014 claiming the renowned university slapped a quota on the number of new, high-achieving Asian American students in favor of other minorities who were less qualified.

The Trump administration backed the students and wanted Harvard’s policy overturned. It was one of a few attempts by Trump to make the Ivy League accountable for racist policies.

For example, the Trump Education Department investigated Princeton and vowed to make it repay millions in federal funding after its woke president said the school was guilty of “systemic racism.”

In this case, Harvard denied its bias, asserting that race was just one factor among many that decided who gets in.

A federal trial court in Boston and an appellate court have both sided with Harvard.

U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, representing the Biden administration, argued in a brief filed on Wednesday that those rulings should stand and the case dismissed.

She maintained Harvard does not “mechanically” apply race to admissions, but rather “considers race as part of a holistic” process.

“The United States has now reexamined the case following the court of appeals’ decision, the change in Administrations, and this Court’s invitation to file an amicus brief. Based on that review, the United States has concluded that neither the district court’s factual findings nor the court of appeals’ application of this Court’s precedents to those findings warrant further review.”

This, of course, is the exact opposite of what Trump’s lawyers maintained.

In their March 2020 brief to the appellate court, the Trump administration maintained that at the trial “Harvard concede[d] that eliminating consideration of race would increase Asian-American admissions while decreasing those of Harvard’s favored racial groups.”

“The resulting racial penalty stems in part from one component of Harvard’s admissions rubric — a nebulous and entirely subjective ‘personal rating’ — that consistently and inexplicably produces poorer scores for Asian Americans than for other applicants,” the Trump team said.

“That disparity is undisputed and unexplained. Harvard bore but did not carry, the burden of proving that this disparity is not the product of racial discrimination. As the district court observed, based on the trial record, one could not rule out racial discrimination as the source.”

To the Biden administration, it seems some minority groups are only worth fighting for if they can further the woke agenda.

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2 Replies to “Biden Admin Argues That Harvard Should Be Allowed To Discriminate Against Asian American Students”

  1. Time for Asian Americans to rise up and go all Russia 1917 on the Biden Administration and its MSM propaganda arm. 10 million non-Asian Americans would help them.

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