President Joe Biden claimed Friday that good economic news would give Democrats a boost in the midterm elections, despite bad inflation and GDP figures.

Biden Again Gaslights Americans About Gas Prices

The Democratic chief executive took to Twitter late Monday evening to brag about fuel prices coming down.

President Joe Biden keeps gaslighting America about gas prices.

The Democratic chief executive took to Twitter late Monday evening to brag about fuel prices coming down.

“Prices at the pump are down for the second week in a row. And the most common price in the U.S. is back down to $3.49 a gallon,” Biden tweeted.

“Folks, we’re moving in the right direction.”

One might accept that on the theory that whatever goes up must eventually come down.

But for American consumers, who are not only paying more at the pump but seeing those costs passed along to them as businesses must pay higher transportation costs, the “right” direction still reminds them of how wrong the country has been going for nearly two years.

When Biden took office, the average price of gas nationally was $2.38 a gallon. Thus, today’s price remains 47 percent higher than when Biden took over.

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It’s also unclear what metric Biden is using.

According to AAA, which is the source most frequently cited, the price of gas was $3.78 on Tuesday — 29 cents a gallon higher than the number Biden trumpeted.

The price remains that high because in at least 10 states, according to AAA, the price ranges between $4.19 a gallon and $5.71.

In its analysis of the very recent downward trend, AAA spokesman Andrew Gross noted that one reason for the price drop is fear.

“Global recession fears coupled with the Biden Administration’s plan to continue tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve into December has helped temper oil prices,” said Gross. “This will help take the pressure off pump prices, benefitting drivers and their wallets.”

AAA also concluded, “The price of oil had declined earlier in the week due to ongoing market concerns about crude demand as recession fears increased. If the market remains concerned about the rate of economic growth this week, crude prices could decline.”

The good news: gas may get cheaper; the bad news: it’s because of a recession.

Meanwhile, Biden’s plan to drain the nation’s strategic reservoir for attempted electoral gain continues — something else Americans will pay more for at some point.

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Biden’s proposed refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when oil hits $72 a barrel. Setting aside the fact that some analysts say oil won’t be that cheap until at least 2024, American taxpayers will spend more than $22 billion to restock the supply, based on current inventory and capacity numbers cited by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

Let’s hope America will choose to head in the “right direction” by voting for the right on Nov. 8.

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