Opinion- Biden Finds Himself in Hot Water Over Sexual Assault Claims, Again

April 17, 2020

By Sarah McCormick

Sexual allegations are once again swirling around Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, who has found himself in this mess a time or two – or eight – before. A police report filed in Washington on Thursday, April 9th would go on to detail the matter in which Biden now finds himself. Needless to say, he’s earned himself a spot in a heap of trouble amidst his campaign for Presidency.

The latest allegations to add to his roster are from a former White House staffer, Alexandra Tara Reade. Ms. Reade states the sexual allegations occurred in the basement of an office building on Capitol Hill in the Spring of 1993 when Ms. Reade had gone to drop off a bag to Biden. Before Reade could leave, Biden allegedly forced Ms. Reade up against a wall, inappropriately fondling her both underneath her shirt and eventually underneath her skirt, while kissing her neck and asking her if she wanted to, “go somewhere else.” Ms. Reade refused his advances, pulling away from his grasp, and Biden got upset, stating something to the effect of, ‘I heard you liked me.’

This isn’t the first we have heard from Reade on matters concerning Biden, however.

Last year, Reade had made accusations against Biden for similar, yet less damning, events in which she claims he had inappropriately touched her, but at the time, she had never admitted to or filed any sexual assault claims.

Alexandra Tara Reade and Joe Biden

Speculation surrounds the reason as to why she waited for this moment to come out with these allegations – but Reade is one of 8 women who have come forward, openly stating that Biden has in some way wronged them by inappropriate touching, sniffing, or likewise.

If these allegations were to have come to light regarding President Donald Trump, the world would be flipped upside down – and we all know the media especially would be having a literal field day tearing him to shreds. But, being that this is about a Democratic candidate, you won’t hear a peep from any media outlets, celebrities, or political parties in the way of standing against him or his heinous actions against women.

In the era of the #MeToo movement, you’d think somebody would stand up and say something. After all, the majority of those we see touting this movement are Hollywood celebrities and political figures in power positions. It’s interesting that this topic is seemingly off-limits when it comes to him; it’s ironic that he’s exempt from questioning and further investigation.

If these allegations do in fact bear truth, it leaves us wondering what these people are willing to tolerate for the sake of politics. A blind eye is turned to these acts and not a single question is raised when we time and time again see Mr. Biden with his face glued to the back of women’s hair, hands on their shoulders or in other much more inappropriate locations.

We have all seen the controversial public displays of affection by Joe Biden at the various rallies he has attended in plain sight. His touchy-feely demeanor, whether ill-intended or completely oblivious to him, is exceptionally uncomfortable to watch at best, in addition to being wholly inappropriate. These acts also hold plenty of ground for one to raise suspicions at some of the alleged complaints against him.

For someone who has had his fair share of public shine and scrutiny, you would think Biden would be a bit more mindful of his actions when he’s in the public eye – but none of that seems to matter to Creepy Uncle Joe.

Jill Biden, Joe’s wife, admits when she first met Joe, his unprovoked and unwanted touching, kissing and sniffing of her hair made her feel completely uncomfortable and in her own words, ‘drained’. Inquiring minds are dying to know how she got past those feelings and eventually wound up marrying him. It’s also curious how she is able to tolerate watching her husband behave this way towards other women in public on a consistent basis. The embarrassment she must feel is palpable.

There is plenty of photographic and video-based evidence to prove that Joe is definitely the type to enjoy and participate in the unnecessary and completely inappropriate hands-on approach he takes with people on a regular basis. Countless photos exist of him sniffing women’s hair, hands on their shoulders, nuzzling into their ears – and perhaps most disturbing of all are the photos of him with children doing the same.

He clearly makes people uncomfortable. So why is he not being held to any sort of standard or facing any sort of action by anybody at all?

If we’re completely honest, he is not fit to run or act as President of the United States in any regard. Not mentally, especially, because it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he quite obviously suffers from Dementia. In addition, he has numerous women coming forward claiming he has done things that are in no way acceptable.

If nothing is being done about these deplorable acts right now, while he isn’t President, think of the things he could be capable if he were to ever be placed into a position of power over the United States.

Truth be told, I don’t suppose that will happen, as I don’t see him winning anything but hopefully a seat in jail for the acts he’s committed.

Women need to stand up, and Joe Biden needs to stand down. Maybe he never learned to keep his hands to himself. Maybe nobody has had the gall to say it to him. So, I will say it for them.

If the President of the United States, Donald Trump, can’t live his daily life without facing scrutiny for things he may have done 10 years ago, depicting him as a terrible man who should be guilty of no sin whatsoever, then neither should Joe Biden be let off the hook for his actions right now, today, as he runs for office. Unacceptable is the proper terminology, and Americans won’t stand for it any longer.

If it is in fact true that he did do these things to Reade, I hope the law will be on her side when this plays out in court. Time will tell.


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