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Biden Takes the Lead In Pennsylvania, Georgia

Former VP Joe Biden has taken the lead from President Donald Trump in both Georgia and Pennsylvania. Biden trailed the President in over 600,000 votes and with mail-in ballots still being counted, has taken that lead by about 6,000 votes.

PENNSYLVANIA 98% ReportingVote %Vote count
Donald Trump Republican Party49.4%3,289,731
Joe Biden Democratic Party49.5%3,295,327
GEORGIA 99% Reporting Vote %Vote count
Donald Trump Republican Party49.4%2,448,491
Joe Biden Democratic Party49.4%2,449,588

On Thursday, the Trump campaign and RNC announced a lawsuit win in the State of Pennsylvania, regarding voter ID law that was changed just days before the election.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, “The RNC is doing everything in our power to ensure that these kind of issues are resolved and the letter of the law is followed. We will not stand idly by as Democrats use shady and illegal tactics to tip the scales in their favor and against the will of the American people.  We will continue to fight for election integrity every step of the way until the results up and down the ballot are final.”

We will watch and wait today, like the rest of the nation. We anticipate that the AP will call the election today for the Biden camp.

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