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Biden’s Border Policy Is So Bad, Even Democrats Are Beginning To Notice

As President Joe Biden does the bidding of left-wing activists and advocates for illegal immigrants, the American people refuse to look at the border through the administration’s rose-colored glasses.

On Monday, the Associated Press and the University of Chicago released a poll showing that nearly three of every four Americans are alarmed by Biden’s immigration policy.

“While President Biden is getting high marks for how he is handling his job overall, the public is less supportive of his approach to immigration, border security, and particularly the influx of unaccompanied children seeking asylum,” the pollsters said in a statement.

For example, 72 percent told pollsters they were “extremely/very” or “moderately” concerned about the effect of illegal immigration as a “direct threat” to the U.S. Twenty-six percent said they were not concerned at all or very little.

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The AP and University of Chicago tried to spin the outcome for Biden on that issue.

“When it comes to direct threats to the United States from illegal immigration, the public is less concerned compared to other issues like militant extremism, the spread of infectious diseases, and the influence of China globally,” they stated.

How much less?

Well, while 72 percent said they were “extremely/very” or “moderately” concerned about illegal immigrants surging across the border, 74 percent felt the same way about “extremist” militants, 85 percent referenced China and 77 percent said infectious diseases. In other words, at least among “extremists” and diseases, the outcome is pretty much tied.

Yet 85 percent of respondents also said that strengthening border security must be a “high” or “moderate” priority for the federal government. In comparison, 68 percent said that of Washington providing illegals a way to stay in the U.S. legally.

Despite the relatively muted media attention at the Mexican border, driven in part by the administration’s reluctance to let reporters in the facilities, even Democrats are seeing beyond the spin out of the White House when it comes to the border.

On questions of immigration policy and border security, 74 percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of each. Yet, as the pollsters note, that is Biden’s lowest score among Democrats on issues asked by the pollsters. On matters such as COVID-19, health care, and overall job performance, well more than 90 percent of Democrats approve of him.

Republicans, unsurprisingly, see Biden as a complete failure. Eighty-nine percent of GOP respondents disapprove of Biden’s performance on immigration policy overall and 86 percent reject his stance on border security.

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