Blueberry Faygo: A Fortnite Montage

July 17, 2020

By: Jake Grissom

TAMPA, Fla. – We are getting flooded with requests to post some really cracked Fortnite montage streams. The latest one is a Fortnite montage from iTzMason, titled ‘Blueberry Faygo: A Fortnite montage.

Gamers from around the globe stream, record, and share their cranking 90’s on YouTube, hoping to become the next Ninja, Mongraal, or TFue.

We will pick some of our favorites and share them here with our audience and if you have a gamer at home, and wish to share theirs, please email me a link to their YouTube video at and we will get them up! Box up or take a wall and enjoy it.

Thanks for iTzMason this vid!

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