Board Game Company Terri B Jones LLC Announces the Release of its Board Game, Church Grower

Unique Bible Trivia With A Twist Game Day With The Church Grower Board Game

Terri B Jones Live, LLC announces unique Bible Trivia Board Game Giveaway of its first game, Church Grower. A Bible Trivia game to grow your church or backslide

How easy is it really to grow the church?”

— Terri B Jones

JACKSONVILLE, FL, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2022 / — Terri B. Jones at, recently announced that over the next 5 months, starting from 16th April 2022 and ending on 24th September 2022 she will be facilitating 5 Bible Trivia With A Twist Game Days and giving away the Church Grower Board Game to a host.

Board game design company Terri B Jones Live, LLC released its first Bible Trivia game, Church Grower during Black History Month 2022. “The game can already be played for free at a Bible Twist With A Twist Game Day locally, but physical games are now for sale at a discounted price of $50,” said Terri B Jones Live LLC facilitator and game designer Terri B Jones.

The Church Grower is a unique creativity game, putting it in the same category as ubiquitous Bible Trivia games. Bible Trivia game players may have an edge in Bible knowledge, but they shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that the necessary strategic thinking is the same in the Church Grower game,” said Jones. Players will find the backslide cards is what sets apart the Church Grower Board Game from Bible Trivia games already on the market.

The Church Grower Game has already been well received amongst the game beta testers. Tamesha Salim, who was able to play a preliminary version, said “There’s really no other game like it. It’s especially cool how the game backslide cards help players not only have fun but also tap into their God given creativity and do things they never thought they were capable of doing to grow the church and not have their members backslide to ultimately be declared the winner.”

The Church Grower Bible Trivia With A Twist game day has become quite popular over the past few months and this is because the reveal party attendees said, Christians who want to increase their Bible knowledge in a unique, fun and interactive way can do so by playing this board game. The game cards not only offer a full range of Bible trivia, but several backslide cards that will have players singing, praying, giving their testimony and so much more to grow the church and not have their members backslide,” says Yvette Williams.

The board game industry is huge and there are so many family-oriented games on the market but none with a spiritual connotation to actually help in the mission of church growth. So how easy is it really to grow a church?

Playing the Church Grower Board Game is also a great way to prepare players for outreach and use their God given gifts in ministry to be able to grow the church and confidently prepare to “go ye” into the world to spread the gospel. In addition, when they pull backslide cards, they will be challenged to use their creativity to share testimonies, pray, motivate others and so much more to keep their members in church and not have them backslide and go back to the city.

Terri B Jones decided to facilitate free Bible Trivia With A Twist Game Days over five months to help family, friends and ministries responsible for planning their next group gathering to reach the unchurched. They will get a jump start by getting familiar with Bible verses, finding scriptures in the Bible and using their creativity to ultimately compel others to start attending church again.

Terri B Jones is the First Lady of a two-year-old church ministry and has been a youth ministry leader for over 40 years. Terri is the creator of Create A Prayer Pillow kneeling prayer pillows and known internationally as “the Pillow Lady”. She is the Author/Publisher of 16 books, creator of “Mama Can I Have Some Money” Biblical Stewardship Curriculum, Alexa Skills Workshops, several online courses, a Content Marketing Strategist of the BOBSJax Facebook group with over 11k members and a highly sought-after speaker. She has over 35 years of experience in the computer information technology industry working with clients to help them stay abreast of the latest trending technology to expand their brand reach and revenue.

Ready to get a free Church Grower Board game when you host a Bible Trivia With A Twist Game Day in the next 5 months starting from 16th April 2022? You can get details and setup a day to host a Bible Trivia With A Twist Game Day from the game website You may also contact Terri B Jones at

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