LaFayette Square Whistle Blower Document, Trump’s Fault?

WASHINGTON, D.C.- A document leaked to the media, regarding an email and a verbal exchange at a D.C. protest on June 1, has fingers pointed towards the Whitehouse. But should it? You decide.

National Guard Major Adam DeMarco was at the scene of the protest in Lafayette Square, in a supervisory and liaison role. A senior military police officer, allegedly asked Maj DeMarco if the National Guard in the US capital had the ADS on the morning of June 1st.

Maj DeMarco responded that the DC National Guard did not have the ADS, nor an LRAD – a Long Range Acoustic Device, also requested, which can blast a wall of sound at crowds.

The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is an acoustic hailing device and sonic weapon developed by LRAD Corporation to send messages and warning tones over longer distances or at a higher volume than normal loudspeakers. LRAD systems are used for long-range communications in a variety of applications including as a means of non-lethal, non-kinetic crowd control.

According to the document, Federal officials also began stockpiling ammunition that day, Maj DeMarco said. The National Guard did not possess the ADS (heat ray) or the LRAD systems and was not used.

These events happened prior to Lafayette Square being cleared of people protesting against the killing of black man George Floyd.

We have included the full version of the document for you to read and download.

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