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Cold Case: Last Seen At The Hilltop Lounge, Ricky Merrill And Dori Colyer

BROOKSVILLE FL. – Ricky Merrill and Dori Colyer were last seen leaving the Hilltop Lounge in Brooksville, Florida on May 9th, 1981.

The pair told friends they would return to the lounge shortly; they never returned.

Hernando County Fire Department responded to a call for a brush fire at the 300 block of Stafford Avenue in Brooksville. Upon arrival, they discovered a vehicle on fire. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed two bodies that were later identified as Ricky Merrill and Dori Colyer.

Cold Case: Brooksville Ricky Merrill and Dory Colyer

Hernando County Sheriff Detective Loydgren is working on this case and seeking help. In a Facebook post, Detective Loydgren gives details of the crime prior to both victims arriving at the Hilltop Lounge.

According to a website dedicated to finding the killer of Rick and Dori, their bodies were so badly burned that Rick was identified by his dental records. Dori was identified by the jewelry she was wearing.

The families waited nine days for the Medical Examiner to identify the bodies. Sources reveal that the investigation into the murders of Rick and Dori resulted in a case file of up to 1000 pages thick.

In a Facebook post, victim Dori Colyer’s sister said, “Please come forward it needs to be solved after all this time I want to know who and why they murdered my sister.”

Three months after the murders of Rick and Dori, the Brooksville Florida Police Department announced they had developed four suspects in the case.

No arrests been made in this double murder.

Anyone with information on this Cold Case Homicide is asked to contact Detective George Loydgren at 352-754-6830.

If you would like to remain anonymous – Please call Hernando County Crime Stoppers at 1-866-990-TIPS (8477) or submit your tip via the internet at http://www.hernandocountycrimestoppers.com

You will remain anonymous and also be eligible for a reward up to $5,000 cash!

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