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California School District Bans Political Flags After Two Students Use A Teacher’s Pride Flag For Toilet Paper

Public schools and the auditoriums of school boards increasingly host the skirmish lines in our culture war.

And, it seems, liberals are unhappily reaping what they’ve sown.

One recent example comes from Paso Robles, California, courtesy of the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

There, two students went into science teacher Evan Holtz’s classroom at Paso Robles High School and stole his 3-foot-by-5-foot LGBTQ Pride flag, which was hanging on the wall.

Holtz pursued, but could not catch them. Tik Tok told the next chapter.

The students, according to the Tribune, videoed themselves with the flag in the restroom, where they attempted to flush it down the toilet.

That apparently did not work. Because Tik Tok also showed one of them defecating on the flag while it was lodged in the toilet.

A social studies teacher at the school told the newspaper their vandalism was “definitely an act of hate directed at the LGBTQ community.”


Or maybe at a time when teachers tell elementary school kids about their same-sex sexual preferences, encourage students to pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ banner, and support transgender liberation so that girls no longer have privacy in locker rooms or bathrooms, some students are fed up with having the gay-rights agenda shoved down their throats.

The Tribune noted that the incident actually occurred about a month ago.

But it didn’t come to light until school district administrators started getting complaints about teachers politicizing their classrooms with paraphernalia from LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, and other causes.

The district “has received multiple concerns about certain flag displays in teacher classrooms, including those that are large and distracting and those that alter the American flag,” schools Superintendent Curt Dubost wrote to teachers on Oct. 1.

The superintendent subsequently announced a new policy.

No flags in classrooms larger than 2 feet by 2 feet, none that portray “alterations of the American flag.”

“We don’t want to turn it into a politicized issue where a student enters a classroom and looks up, ‘Oh, there’s a rainbow flag here, or there’s a blue lives matter flag here — that determines what the partisanship is of my teacher,’ Dubost told the Tribune.

“We think that that’s a real slippery slope. And so we continue to believe that this is a very reasonable compromise solution that allows rainbows, but within reason.”

The Tribune added, “Students said the district’s new flag policy sent a clear message: The flag that symbolizes their right to love is political and not welcome at school.”

Sophomore Eve Barajas told the paper that the new flag policy was “a way of subtly just getting rid of it. Their defense was that the Pride flag may be a trigger for certain students. But if I had said that the American flag was a trigger to me, I would be treated like a terrorist.”

Yet, viewed differently, it would appear that liberals who have advocated disrespecting and desecrating the American flag for all the evil it supposedly represents now understand why patriots who love this country don’t want anyone taking a crap on it, literally or figuratively. 

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8 Replies to “California School District Bans Political Flags After Two Students Use A Teacher’s Pride Flag For Toilet Paper”

  1. It’s fine for leftist progressives to show their hate for America and conservative citizens, but put the shoe on the other other foot and oh my my, the world is coming to an end. Which may actually be the case as Democrats do everything in their power to destroy what’s good in the world.

  2. On the contrary, video of children filming themselves defecating in public areas is the demonstration of abject support of the LGBT community.

  3. On the contrary. Lbgehatever is racist. The lgtbbbgfyq existence clearly states only THESE types of people we support AND those NOT listen we aim to ruin. Lbgtcommie sole purpose, and was created to divide, manipulate, brainwash, destroy and consume by division. Fact.

  4. “Students said the district’s new flag policy sent a clear message..” How many students? My guess is 0-3

  5. “But if I had said that the American flag was a trigger to me, I would be treated like a terrorist.”

    Correct. GTFO

  6. Neither the LGBT nor the BLM flag belong in a classroom. It is political propaganda and has no place in an institution of learning be it elementary or high school, simple as. The sooner locals take back their districts and do away with this idocy, the better.

  7. This is an innacurate article. The students stole the flag from the classroom and defecated on it. It was covered up until a gay rights group brought it to the schools attention. The students got a suspension and only 2×2 flags that say that students are safe to talk to the teacher can be put in a class. Because who a person is became political by some people. The other “flags” are inherently political (blue lives, black lives, etc.) Those speak to social issues affecting the country. LGBTQ+ flags are about belonging. Look up the meaning. Just because someone decides they are political or have some other meaning doesn’t just make it so. American flags became the symbol for Trump’s campaign, but they are not actually the symbol for Trump. It’s the nation’s flag. If a student talks to a teacher without a flag, how are they to know that their parents won’t be informed about their sexuality, and that the parents aren’t violently opposed to LGBTQ+? What if by coming out, they are afraid of being ostracized, and now they won’t talk to anyone about it. Now they get to live in fear of their feelings. Censoring kids is what has happened. Best plan, punish the victims, right?

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