Will Amazon move deeper into the jungle of woke politics?

Canceled?: Amazon Asked to Oust Climate-Change Skeptic’s Book From Its Inventory

Will Amazon move deeper into the jungle of woke politics?

One liberal outlet is calling for just that: a ban on selling another book that lefties disagree with.

The backdrop emerged a month ago, as The Free Press readers may recall, when the world’s largest book retailer unceremoniously pulled conservative scholar Ryan T. Anderson’s “When Harry Became Sally” from its catalog.

Anderson’s work raised nagging questions about the scientific and philosophical aspects of the transgender movement’s agenda, even as its political message was steamrolling all that lay before it. Anderson’s book became a bestseller – 18 months before Amazon gave it the hook.

Now Amazon is being pressured to do likewise with “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is even worse than you think,” by climate change skeptic Marc Morano, a former staffer to the Senate Energy Committee and publisher of ClimateDepot.com.

Morano is a longtime leader in the effort to raise questions about the liberal approach to climate change. His book takes special aim at Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, which initially said the damage caused by climate change would be catastrophic and irreversible in under a decade if we didn’t take steps to mitigate it – such as grounding airplanes, retrofitting every building in America with energy-efficient materials, converting to only electric cars, and ridding the globe of “farting cows.”

Morano’s book argues that a debatable scientific phenomenon is being used as cover to drive a left-wing political agenda.

In the opening to the book, published this week, and which was still available on Amazon as of this writing, Morano writes:

“The Green New deal is the ultimate wish list of the progressive environmental agenda. And it has almost nothing to do with science or ‘saving the planet.’ The Green New Deal would impact literally every aspect of your life, from your lightbulbs to your appliances, to your home heating and air conditioning, to your SUV, to the food you eat, to land you use and the size of your home, to your job and prices you pay, and finally to America’s national sovereignty.”

In short, it is a $93 trillion “all-encompassing transformation of society.”

Check out the ‘Cancel Corner‘, a new section launched where we report on the latest Cancel Cases and stories from around the globe.

As an example of what he seeks to highlight, Morano notes that carbon emission levels were 10 times higher in the Ice Age than they are today – a stat offered up by Dr. Patrick Moore, the co-founder of the environmentalist group Greenpeace.

Yet in an unsigned column filled with defamatory, ad hominin attacks, the Daily Kos denounced Morano, as well as those who agree with him, and called out Amazon for offering his book.

“Given that Amazon claims to want to be a climate savior, how does it justify selling books like this, and so, so many others, that very intentionally work against a goal of climate action?” the Daily Kos argued.

“You can either be a climate champion, or you can sell and profit off of climate denial books like Morano’s, that ‘recycle scientifically unfounded claims that are then amplified by the conservative movement, media, and political elites.’”

It’s telling that the Daily Kos doesn’t refute any of Morano’s points. It just asserts his arguments have been “debunked” and then goes on to smear him personally, his publisher, those who interview him, and those who agree with him.

For the Daily Kos and other climate radicals, they apparently stopped considering other viewpoints after Al Gore claimed: “the debate is over” in his global-warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” – which other scientists, and not just former politicians who claimed to have invented the internet pretending to be a scientist, slammed as error-prone, exaggerated and alarmist.

Conservative author Mark Steyn, who wrote the foreword to Morano’s book, noted in a column about the controversy on Wednesday, “So, having long lost the ability to debate their opponents, the warm-mongers are opting for their preferred method of disposal – get ’em canceled.”

Will Amazon listen to the book-banners – again?

Check out the ‘Cancel Corner‘, a new section launched where we report on the latest Cancel Cases and stories from around the globe.

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