Alexi McCammond Canceled

Canceled: Teen Vogue Editor Opts For The Exit Over Tweet Controversy

Teen Vogue’s editor is out of vogue.

Just days after the Tampa Free Press noted the Cancel Culture flood waters were about to drown the tenure of new Teen Vogue chief editor Alexi McCammond before she even got started, McCammond opted to jump before being pushed.

She announced on Twitter on Thursday that she and Condé Nast, the magazine’s parent company, “have decided to part ways.”

McCammond, a former reporter for Axios, apparently realized she could not regain the staff she lost after they discovered tweets McCammond posted in 2011 that were racist toward Asian-Americans and that contained gay slurs.

McCammond had apologized for those tweets in 2019.

And ironically, she apologized for the posts at a time when McCammond, whose father is black, was telling MSNBC how it was “an incredibly difficult time to be a person of color, to be a woman of color” in the Trump era.

In her parting post, McCammond said the tweets had “overshadowed” her work “to highlight the people and issues that I care about,” and she again took “full responsibility” for tweeting hurtful things.

She pledged to keep “growing in the years to come as both a person and a professional.”

“There are so many stories left to be told, especially those about marginalized communities and the issues affecting them. I hope to have the opportunity to re-join the ranks of tireless journalists who are shining light on the issues that matter every single day.”

It didn’t help McCammond’s cause that one of Teen Vogue’s biggest advertisers “paused” a seven-digit ad buy amid the controversy.

That said, though, she’s sufficiently woke to have a Nick Cannon-style rebound. 

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