Canceled: Washington, Lincoln, and 42 Others Win Reprieve From San Fran School Cancelers

The cancelers have canceled the cancellation.

In a surprising reversal of a month-old decision, the San Francisco school board has dropped a plan to rename nearly 50 schools because they are named after “racist” historic figures the left disdains – people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and even current U.S. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

In a Twitter thread issued Sunday, board Chairwoman Gabriela Lopez admitted the board majority, which had voted 6-1 in January to rename 44 schools, acted too rashly.

“I want to make sure as many people as possible can see my statement about the board’s focus on reopening our schools,” Lopez wrote.

“I am committed to focusing the board’s attention on getting our students back into the classroom. I’m committed to making sure every student and family at SFUSD (San Francisco Unified School District) is supported through this process,” Lopez added. “I also acknowledge and take responsibility for mistakes made in the building renaming process. We need to slow down and provide more opportunities for community input – that cannot happen until AFTER our schools are back in person.”

“This is the last time I’ll comment publicly on renaming until schools are reopened. We will not be taking valuable time from our board agendas to further discuss this, as we need to prioritize reopening,” she continued. “I know families are hurting. I hear it from each and every parent I’ve spoken to. We’re in negotiations to get the work on returning to in-person learning done and I’m committed to working with city partners to get vaccinations, testing, and other resources we need.”

“I have faith and confidence that we will get this right. Together. As we say in Spanish, “Pueblo unido, jamás será vencido.” Our kids are counting on us.”

What’s obvious from Lopez’s remarks is that her about-face may only be a temporary reprieve for the 44 people who were banished after once being considered worthy of communitywide recognition.

As soon a California reopens school, San Francisco’s cancel committee could be back in action.

But for now, the cancellation is called off.

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