Car Wax for Christmas

Zymol, a Great Gift

Zymol, a Great Gift

Many Gifts from Zymol

Many Gifts from Zymol


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It sounds crazy but it can be a Great Gift !

Your Holiday Gift success can derived from our unrelenting devotion to perfection and your recognition of automotive parenting.””

— Charles Bennett Zymöl CEO

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2022 / — Is Car Wax the perfect Holiday Gift?

Ok. In the world of elaborate holiday gifts car wax doesn’t hold a candle to Jewelry, Fine Wine, Theatre Tickets and Elaborate Electronics . . . or does it?

Most holiday gifts say you have bought something sophisticated or cool but do they say “I know what you love and I love that about you” !

Where cars are concerned there’s passion, fun, thrills, dreams, status, appreciation and sometimes, depending on how deep and long the love affair is . . . transportation.

Everyone has been in the position that the cache of owning a particular car is keeping it running. You may know that person or you may be that person but loving a car is big job with limitless rewards.

This love for cars is driven by the same passion given to our family and it doesn’t matter wether it has 2 legs, 4 legs or 4 wheels. Face it, automotive parenting is a real thing !

The Holidays were a special time to share our love and passion with each other and to cherish every gift. Somehow our family knew what made us passionate and what was wanted. They knew about our hobbies, our collections and the inordinate amount of time devoted to our cars.

You’re right! Giving someone a $6 can of every day chemicals for the Holiday can be hard to understand so let’s talk about a real gift.

Zymol was created over 40 years ago because of a love for cars and the exciting people who share the passion for them.

Zymol brings to the top of the market, the highest quality, absolute best family of products for any collectors or enthusiasts. No one ever dreamt of building a stereotypical car wax company. The only dream was creating a true, naturally derived cosmetics company. Zymol invented “skincare” for the car.

Zymol has grown and evolved into a company that provides products to care for and protect automotive parent’s passions. Whether that passion is a casual effort or a weekly interlude, you know that passion is real.

Our surface care products are sourced from the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

Zymol packages the products in custom and patented containers that make the moment of getting Zymol a holiday no matter what time of year.

Charles Bennett, CEO of Zymol says “Your Holiday Gift success can derived from our unrelenting devotion to perfection and your recognition of automotive parenting.”

When you go to use a little gift from us for the next few days of 45% off using the Coupon Code: HappyHolidays and enjoy the holidays!

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