Casey Askar Escapes Adversity, Finds Success as an Entrepreneur in America

Kousay “Casey” Askar and Family

Kousay "Casey" Askar

Kousay “Casey” Askar

Kousay Askar, more commonly known as Casey Askar, fled a war-torn country to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur

NAPLES, FL, USA, May 29, 2021 / — Kousay Askar, more commonly known as Casey Askar, fled a war-torn country to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur with a long and diverse list of noteworthy accomplishments. At present, the largest portions of his portfolio consist of food service franchises and commercial real estate. He has worked as an executive operational and franchising professional for just over a quarter of a century.

Having fled persecution for his faith and ethnicity abroad, Kousay Askar came to America where he made the most of the opportunities that presented themselves to him and his family. These include setting up his own Blackjack Pizza restaurant chain and acquiring no fewer than 47 Dunkin Donuts in Southern Florida.

But becoming a successful businessman was not enough, in Kousay Askar’s estimation, to fully take advantage of and show his appreciation for the freedom and opportunities he found here. That’s why he became a U.S. Marine, a dedicated husband, and a proud father of seven beautiful children, all of whom are now active parishioners at St. Ann's Church in Naples. He also donated over $500,000 to help former President Donald Trump to create jobs for American middle-class working families that had been put out of work when the companies they worked for left the country to avoid heavy corporate taxation.

But perhaps most importantly, Kousay Askar employs thousands of people all across the country. The Askar Family Office business empire encompasses foodservice and commercial real estate. Kousay Askar represents one of the largest franchisees within numerous multi-national brands, such as Church's Chicken and Dunkin' Donuts. On top of that, Askar is a franchiser of four different pizza brands across the country.

We asked Kousay Askar about his dedication to his employees. He commented, “A big part of my motivation has been to provide opportunities to others by leveraging the opportunities that have been made available to me. The Askar businesses, like Askar Brands and Askar Properties, are not just about building an empire. They are about creating a reliable financial base for everyone who works with and for our family of brands and services.”

It’s an argument that rings strong and true in a time when debates over immigration and economic policy divide Americans. Kousay Askar’s words and deeds show that he understands the importance of creating value in any society. By creating value that both his customers and his workforce can count on, Kousay Askar has made his business empire strong, America stronger, and served the communities that made his success possible.

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