CCAC Launches Its Shareholder Subscription List to Keep the Shareholders Informed

CCAC has now launched its Shareholder Subscription List, aimed to give shareholders all the crucial pieces of information on time.

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp. (OTCMKTS:CCAJ)

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2022 / — Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp. (CCAC) was recently acquired by European Registered Agent Authority, since then, CCAC has been busy positioning the company for its new focus. CCAC is now a holdings company primarily engaged in holding the equities and/ or securities of companies and enterprises for the purpose of owning a controlling interest and/ or influencing the management decisions of these firms.

As with all publicly listed companies, there is a foundational piece that every company must treasure, it’s shareholders. CCAC has taken strides to become more connected to it’s shareholders in the most effective way, which is an essential asset for any company seeking to thrive in the marketplace.

We at CCAC understand the importance of information delivery being a high point for our shareholders and to this point CCAC launched its social media channels starting with Twitter to engage publicly with its shareholders and followers. The purpose of these public channels is to put out information that could be relevant to the shareholders, as well as the general public.

In order to keep all shareholders of CCAC informed in a timely manner, Coastal Capital Acquisition Corporation (CCAC) felt the need to develop more ways to connect with its shareholders directly; thus we have recently launched Shareholder List that aims to connect with its shareholders at a more personal and confidential level.

While there may be questions as to why it’s a “ Shareholders List ” and not a list for the general public; CCAC believes that the benefits of being a shareholder presents itself with information that the company is prospecting to engage in.

After enrolling in this list, shareholders will get regular updates about various aspects of the CCAC business. With this list, shareholders will be informed about shareholder-only meetings, the company’s future plans, strategies, opportunities, and more.

General Public

For the general public and future shareholders, we encourage them to keep in touch with CCAC’s official channels and website to learn more about the company, as well as stay up to date with the latest news coming in from the leadership. The Shareholders List will be available at later dates active on the website should any persons decides to become a shareholder of CCAC.

About CCAC

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corporation is a firm that actively engages in acquisitions and mergers in different industries in an effort to acquire a portion or all equity positions of a potential company. It identifies potential acquisition and merger opportunities in different industries based upon various factors including but not limited to revenue, future potential and current management team, then performs the said transactions to earn profit for itself, as well as for the shareholders.

The company is actively working in multiple focus areas as of now, including real estate, IT, construction, film production, and others. In the near future, CCAC aims to expand these focus areas to diversify the portfolio, as well as unlock new profitable opportunities for its shareholders. Furthermore, the company aims to expand its roots in more geographical areas, as well.

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