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Christmas Film Brings A Message Of Hope And Healing

DTLA Entertainment in association with ICON Studios are releasing the dramatic film Hope For The Holidays November 26th on streaming platforms throughout North America. A Hollywood cast ensemble, featuring Oscar Nominee and Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland, brings the inspirational Christmas story of a young man going to prison for robbing a bank for trying to pay medical bills for his mother dying of cancer.

Movie poster for Hope For The Holidays

Gritty prison encounters mixed with hope and healing narrative are woven throughout the movie. This ultimately brings peace and reconciliation to the mother Georgia played by Kirkland and her son Danny played by George Stults of 7th Heaven.  The movie is based on the short story by former Hells Angels leader George Christie, “The Talking Tree”.

The movie had a special connection with first time director Ricky Borba. During production he found out that his own mother was diagnosed with cancer and tragically passed away just weeks later. For Borba, making this film became a cathartic experience and a way to honor his mother.

“With the permission of the writer and producer, I was able to rewrite the dialogue of Georgia in the script, to reflect the real-life conversations I was having with my own mother during her battle with cancer.” Borba went on to say, “Most of what Georgia says in the film, and especially the conversations she has with Danny, are conversations I had with my mom. I feel very fortunate to have been able to honor my mother like this.”

Kirkland felt an incredible sense of responsibility playing Georgia knowing that the character was so closely tied to Borba’s mother.

“The idea of playing such a strong mother and son story was what attracted me to the script. It’s a film for all generations. It’s the kind of film we need nowadays, that touched my heart,” replied Kirkland.

Besides Kirkland and Stults, the movie boasts other top cast members including Doug Hutchison of The Green Mile, I Am Sam, LOST, X-Files; Robert Lasardo of Psych the Movie, The Mule and Death Race; Todd Bridges of Different Strokes, Frankie D and Building Bridges; Jenn Gotzon of Frost/Nixon, The Farmer and the Belle and My Daddy’s in Heaven.

The movie was produced by Charles Lago of DTLA Entertainment and Wendy Benge. Having produced other high-quality films before featuring top talent, this movie had its own unique identity in that it was filmed exclusively in Sacramento and Stockton.

“Upon arriving for location scouting in Sacramento, I realized how beautiful Northern California was, and what an untapped venue it is for film.” Charles continued, “Filming in Sacramento and Stockton added a lot of character to the film.”

Hope for the Holidays is being distributed by Atlas Distribution and will begin streaming throughout North America on November 26th on Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, Google and iScreening Room.  For more information please call Charles Lago at (310)663-4226 or email

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