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Climate Activists Get More Desperate As Federal Data Highlight Cooling Trend

The climate alarmists inch ever closer to going off the intellectual rails.
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The climate alarmists inch ever closer to going off the intellectual rails.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer represents the more mainstream of this ilk, tweeting recently that gas stoves are partly responsible for climate change.

The conservative website Climate Depot offered two others that almost resemble parodies.

In one case, Dr. Mohamed Fayed, a senior anesthetist at Detroit’s Henry Ford Health, told a medical conference in Orlando last month that anesthesia causes global warming and we should dial back putting people under.

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Meanwhile, a sociologist at the University of California-Berkeley — in other words, not an actual climate scientist — wrote recently that the U.S. should evacuate Miami as a way to prepare other places for the eventual onslaught of “climate refugees.” “Miami’s evacuation is a perfect starting point, “Daniel Cohen argued, to “force municipalities across the United States to get serious about hosting climate migrants in egalitarian ways.” The benefits are numerous, Cohen added. “This would also trigger conversations about zoning for density, enshrining tenant rights, upgrading infrastructure, taxing the rich, building green banks, and battling racism and police violence.”

Ironically, Florida is the hottest destination — pun intended — for migrants fleeing the blue-state nannyism advocated by Cohen. 

The problem for Schumer, Fayed, and Cohen, however, is that Mother Earth is not cooperating in the doomsday narrative.

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The conservative website PJ Media over the weekend featured data posted in a tweet by Steve Milloy, founder of, and an actual climate scientist.

“It’s official: No global warming for 8 years and 5 months, per NASA satellite data. That’s no warming despite ~475 billion tons of CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions. CO2 warming is the biggest scientific hoax of all time,” Milloy tweeted. That was a follow-up to a tweet from three weeks earlier when he cited National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data that indicated “there has not been global warming for the past eight years.”

On his website, Milloy noted that the first tweet was viewed 13 million times.

It immediately garnered “fact-checks” from left-wing media outlets.

They accused Milloy of cherry-picking eight years of a phenomenon that lasted for decades. 

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“Yes, there is long-term warming. It’s been warming since about 1650, the depth of the Little Ice Age. But atmospheric greenhouse gases explains no part of that warming,” he countered.

He noted that Earth has been cooling over a period when man has dumped 14% of the known CO2 emissions load into the atmosphere, and while climate activists assert that “every emission” causes more warming.

“There is no warming that can be associated with emissions,” Milloy posted on his website in response to at least the fourth “fact-check” of his claim.

“What we have, at least in recent decades, is a step-wise warming driven by El Nino, not emissions. Clearly, the point I made has panicked Big Climate.”

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