Clinical Study Shows Chronic Pain Patients Benefit from HEMPFLAVIN’s Proprietary Blend of Cannflavins and Flavonoids

Doctor’s Hemp Solutions' clinical study of HempFlavin demonstrates a significant improvement for acute and chronic pain patients, with zero side effects.

LABELLE, FL, USA, March 7, 2022 / — Doctor’s Hemp Solutions announced today that a new clinical study of HEMPFLAVIN demonstrates a significant improvement for acute and chronic pain patients, with zero side effects.

HEMPFLAVIN, a proprietary blend of twenty-three (23) Cannflavins and flavonoids extracted from an heirloom hemp variety which is over 2,000 years old, is formulated to be used for severe body aches, muscle soreness and other pain relief by creating a synergistic flavonoid response known as the “flavonoid entourage effect”. The flavonoids in HEMPFLAVIN include Cannflavin A, B, & C, Cannabisin A, B & C, quercetin, apigenin-7- and kaempferol. Previous studies have found that the flavonoids in HEMPFLAVIN have prominent anti-inflammatory action and may help augment the body’s antioxidant defense. 

The new clinical study conducted by Dr. Donato Barrillofocused on the effect of flavonoids, specifically the Cannflavins, which make up less than 0.15% of the fresh weight of cannabis. To date, a massive amount of cannabis would have to be consumed in order for the effects of this component to take place; however, a proprietary extraction technique has resulted in the production of HEMPFLAVIN, with microgram quantities dosing thereby producing an observable clinical effect.

Of the forty-six (46) respondents, ninety-one percent (91%) reported a decrease in pain (8.5/10 to 1.6/10 average) and increase in activity with daily HEMPFLAVIN use, dosed at 300 mcg/day and 100 mcg/day, after 30 days of supplement use. A slightly better (92%) response to the 300 mcg/day dosing was observed. There were no adverse effects of HEMPFLAVIN reported. 

Participants suffered from a variety of osteoarthritic ailments, both micro-trauma (e.g., DJD) and macro-trauma (e.g., MVA fractures) in origin. The study further observed a positive response to participants suffering from unspecified migraine headaches. 

This study identifies a significant anti-inflammatory clinical response to Cannflavin and flavonoids, and the observations are the first known to be published with regard to acute and chronic pain, although canine positive response to cannabidiol has been previously reported with animal studies of flavonoids.

The development of novel anti-inflammatory medications is of clinical importance, in the setting of the rising incidence of inflammatory and auto- immune conditions globally. Current anti-inflammatory medications are associated with significant side effects including gastrointestinal bleeding and cardiovascular events affecting their risk-benefit profile.

The study identifies a significant clinical response to HEMPFLAVIN, with a decrease in inflammatory related symptoms and a potency 30 times that of aspirin. This study confirms the findings of previous studies demonstrating Cannflavins can be 30 times more effective than asprin. 

HEMPFLAVIN has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for efficacy or safety and is considered a dietary supplement.

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Doctor’s Hemp Solutions is a unique vertically integrated Florida hemp company, founded on its quality control principles enabling it to manage the year round cultivation of hemp and production of consumer products all on its own property, to ensure it provides the premium hemp products to benefit its customers overall health. With its meticulous research and hemp product development, Doctor’s Hemp Solutions focuses on the overall health benefits of the hemp plant in providing HempFlavin. Everyone deserves an alternative solution to everyday ailments and pain to enjoy access to the highest quality, natural, effective supplements that promote a healthy lifestyle and relief. 

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