Coastal Capital is Considering the Merits of Acquiring AWS, Which Makes Scanners for Cars, Boats and Other Large Objects

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp. ($CCAJ) is Discussing the Possible Acquisition of Advanced Warning Systems

Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp. (OTCMKTS:CCAJ)

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2022 / — Advanced Warning Systems is the exclusive worldwide marketer of the IGRIS Total Scanning Solution which is a producer of the scanning equipment that can detect most types of explosive materials down to a firecracker. The product made by this entity is a proprietary system that can be used in airports, vehicles and cargo ships. However, they can typically be used in almost any setting in which items are moved from one point to another. They can also be used to detect most other items that a civilian or government client would be interested in detecting including drugs or other contraband smuggled from an international point of view.

$CCAJ's interest in the company is based primarily on its ability to achieve outsized revenue growth over the next several years. In addition, the overall value of the company is boosted by the presence of intellectual property rights that can be leveraged in a profitable manner in the future.

In an interconnected economy, it's not uncommon for millions of pounds of goods to flow through land and water checkpoints each day. If a shipment is compromised in any way, it could result in significant loss of life as well as a significant disruption to local and regional economies. It can also result in prolonged supply chain issues that may cause price instability and other issues.

However, the products produced by Dr. Wayne Jones can make it harder for terrorists or other criminals to move explosive materials through airports or through ports. If the Inelastic Gamma Ray Imaging System (IGRIS – [E-GRIS]) Total Scanning Solution finds anything that it deems to be suspicious, it will create a report and send it to a Law Enforcement for review.

Dr. Jones has spent over 35 years with a primary focus on neutron scanning for detection of contraband, explosives, and items of interest to Customs. Dr. Wayne Jones is a Nuclear Scientist with an expansive history including working with the US Military.

The IGRIS system uses computers and other advanced tools that can reliably determine the atomic structure of almost any object. As the computer is the one determining what is inside of a given container, it minimizes the risk of a human confusing a dangerous substance with something that is more benign. Furthermore, scans can be done in an autonomous manner, which can make a facility safer without necessarily increasing security or labor costs.

As the IGRIS system can spot items that may be subject to customs fees, governments may be able to minimize losses related to customs evasion. Any money that is recovered by a government agency may be put to use further enhancing security at land, air or sea checkpoints.

Just imagine a world that has less stress of the turmoil that terrorism brings to humanity, this product is one that can curve and start the process to eliminate those threats. On their website, AWS shows the process of how the IGRIS system works.

One of the reasons why AWS is such an attractive merger or takeover target is that it has been around since the 1970s. Combined, its core leadership team has hundreds of years of experience in both the scientific and corporate fields.

Of course, it's important to note that there are no formal plans at this time to enter into negotiations but discussions between $CCAJ and AWS has taken place. If Coastal Capital and AWS determines that it makes sense to do so from a financial and logistical perspective. If negotiations do begin, investors and others will be notified about the state of those talks, and investors will also be notified if an actual merger takes place.

Coastal Capital invests in almost any company that shows a potential to achieve high rates of return on Coastal's capital.


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