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Code Enforcement Leads provides highly accurate reports compiled from Code Enforcement records. Businesses in turn help Property Owners resolve tough scenarios.

ST PETERSBURG, FL, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2021 / — Code Enforcement Leads has been recognized as a trusted source among Real Estate Professionals for its highly accurate Code Enforcement Violation Reports. Lists that document property owners in a locality who have been penalized for not taking care of their properties. Code Enforcement Leads acquires data from Government Departments to create reports that help to identify prospective off-market deals.

Reports generated for Code Enforcement Leads contain a variety of information for Real Estate Professionals, including a property owner’s name, mailing address, property zoning information, and information about the most recent sale. The company processes the raw data from local government organizations into a format that makes it easily actionable for real estate professionals from day one. Real estate agents, brokers, and investors alike use Code Enforcement Leads lists to track and monitor properties and to identify distressed or failing properties with motivated sellers.

“Code Enforcement Leads makes it easy to obtain traditionally difficult records from government departments across the country for a variety of business purposes,” remarked Chris Burnett, President of Code Enforcement Leads. “Our record lists help our customers identify the owners of distressed properties who may be interested in selling at a competitive price,” he added.

Code Enforcement Leads has been trusted by real estate professionals for its simple, cost-effective, and accurate approach to collecting enforcement records from local government organizations. All data is acquired solely through official government sources, with records verified independently to ensure high quality before being processed. Professionals have recommended Code Enforcement Leads not just for these accurate and comprehensive records, but for the company’s competitive pricing relative to other marketing list providers in the industry as well.

“Code Enforcement varies from City to City because it is managed by a local department,” remarked Chris Burnett, President of Code Enforcement Leads. “Each locality upholds different codes and has different policies for operations, including the data they receive, record, and make publicly available. Major national suppliers of data in this industry traditionally only supply information they can confidently offer everywhere. We embrace a different approach by communicating directly with local government departments across the country to get specific, accurate lists for the real estate professionals we serve, and ensuring that information is actionable from day one,” he added.

Code Enforcement Leads was founded by Chris Burnett, an entrepreneur who recognized the challenges with traditional data suppliers in the industry, such as obtaining new and updated information on a regular schedule from local government organizations. His company takes care of this process, coordinating the solicitation of official government data on properties and code violations and the distribution of lists to real estate professionals nationwide.

“After being in business for years, it has become clear that real estate professionals appreciate the ease, simplicity, and accuracy our service affords them,” remarked Chris Burnett, President of Code Enforcement Leads. “Time is money, and we get our customers records they can use immediately to identify distressed properties,” he added.

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Code Enforcement Leads works with local government departments to provide real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, and investors, with actionable lists of distressed properties for the purpose of community improvement.


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