Coderio Group Holds the Key for North American Companies to Access the Best Latin American Tech Talent

coderio latAm nearshore partner

coderio nearshore partner


Joaquin Quintas - CEO @ Coderio group

Joaquin Quintas – CEO @ Coderio group

Coderio Group Holds the Key to Access the Best Latin American Tech Talent for North American Companies

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EL PORTAL, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2022 / — What do major international companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tesla have in common? Each one has turned to Latin America to scale their remote development teams.

For businesses across the United States and Canada, finding great remote talent can be a long and frustrating process. And given the recent labor shortage of the Great Resignation, hiring the best tech talent is harder than ever before.

At Coderio Group, they are on a mission to transform the remote workforce with access to the most talented tech professionals in Latin America. And only 5 years into their existence, they have already made a tremendous impact.

With a roster of over 10,000 pre-qualified developers, they have a robust stable of talent to augment any staff within the United States and Canada.

"Staff augmentation is one of our key lines of business," explains Joaquin Quintas, CEO of Coderio Group. "We specialize in providing top remote talent from Latin America to firms across America to work on any type of software system development project that the client is working on."

Because of their extensive onboarding process with professional developers, Coderio can match the right talent to their client companies within days – shortening the exhaustive search process and enabling companies to connect with only the best candidates for the position.

"We have had a lot of success as a result of our exceptional staff and the premium service we provide," Quintas says. "Our agile process gives our clients the ability to set up a completely remote squad (with a delivery team 100% dedicated to them) in less than 3 weeks."

Some of the key advantages to working with Latin American talent, Quintas says, is that remote workers are in the same time zones as all major American companies, and every developer speaks fluent English, making communication easy. And, of course, anyone who wants to join Coderio must undergo an extensive interview process, including two formal interviews and various skills assessments.

As a result, Coderio offers only the very best tech professionals, ensuring that companies get the help they need fast – and backed by trusted experts.

"We offer a wide range of talents, from single individuals to entire assembled work teams," Quintas says. "Coderio is a tech company, we develop software for our clients and we help them manage their remote teams."

Coderio Group has grown rapidly over the past 4 years, enabling remote workers to enter into different business lines and industries – and at the same time, empowering client companies to achieve impressive goals that may have been unreachable with staff augmentation.

"We are helping Fortune 500 companies scale fast with expert nearshore software engineering teams," Quintas says. "Our IT experts work on the backend, the front end, in architectures, ecommerce development, even entire teams migrating cores to the cloud."

With a full suite of staffing solutions available to companies across the United States and Canada, Quintas explains that Coderio is addressing a growing need for top-level IT talent to both launch new projects and support important initiatives. And with each developer or team they match with a client company, they take another step toward fulfilling their mission.

"Nowadays, there is a need for developers from Latin America to work for companies in the United States," Quintas says. "Latin America has the top talent in the industry, so we provide those developers to them in an easy and transparent way."

About Coderio Group

Coderio Group is dedicated to helping companies scale fast and jump-start their businesses with expert nearshore software engineering teams. With commercial headquarters in Miami, FL, and development centers in several countries from LatinAmerica, they work with international client companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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